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Last year my mum won a price at a dutch radio station called Sky Radio. The prize was a trip for 4 persons to Euro Disney Paris for 3 days parc entrance and 2 nights stay at the Hotel New York inclucive breakfast. And she may deside her self when to go. She aksed if we should join them. There was no second thoughts about that. So, on friday the 13th of april we went to Euro Disney for the weekend. After a 5 hours drive we arrived at the parc. We checked in at the hotel and we picked up our free entrance tickets for both the parcs.  For halfways april the weather was great. 25 degrees celcius and no cloud in the sky.

As soon as we arrived inside the parc, we were almost running for the rollercoasters, like Space Mountain. I just feeling like a kid again, just want to do those attractions over and over again.

In the other parc, the movie parc, there was even a nicer rollercoaster.  The ROCK 'N' Rollercoaster, with some good music by Aerosmith. It's like falling in a deep hole, no light, just speed. Yes, yes ,yes... Sorry, I just like rollercoasters. Together with my dad I went 7 times in a row, before I got a bit light headed. The parade was nice to see, with al those characters from the disney films we all have seen. I must say Tinckelbell is a lot bigger in real live. ;D And than out of nowhere came my hairy blue friend. He said "Boe", but it was in french so I didn't understood him and so he didn't scare me.  No, just joking, I just wanted to be with him on a photo. Sulley is a sweety!  

The stuntshow was great. I enjoyed that very much. The stunt they made with the cars and motorcycles were very well done.

It's nice to see how things are done behind the scenes. The show takes about 45 minutes, but it's worth it.

A thing to do for eating at night, is the Buffalo Bill Show. Eating from tin cans and plates, while in front of you they put up a Wild West show. Here I'm sitting, a cowboy hat, screaming as hard as I can or else your team won't winn the competiton, acting like a idiot, but having the time of my live. Sometimes it's just nice to do like that. Jiihaaaa!!!

The hotel was great. The room was very nice and the breakfast was excellently. The swimmingpool was good and I even enjoyed the sauna.

It was a nice weekend. Thanks to the price mum won.

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photo by: scarlettwitch