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The day was finally here. My cousin Kendal was marrying and much to our distaste a Pom…Kidding!! We Aussies love Pom’s. In anticipation of the wedding being, well a wedding, we decided it was best to spend the day doing absolutely nothing but relax in preparation for a night of celebrating.


The wedding ceremony and reception was to be held at Za Zen Resort, which is located on Bophut Beach, not to far from the Smile House Resort.  We arrived at Za Zen at 4pm for the start of pre wedding drinks.

Walking through to reception on the winding, bumpy, lopsided paths, I was thanking the stars above that I didn’t wear heals as I was sure there would be many girls falling over on this path later tonight. We were greeted by the gorgeous Za Zen ladies who kindly handed us a program and wooden fans which we greatly appreciated as it was another hot and sticky day.


We then located the rest of the family members and the other guests of the wedding at the bar where we order ourselves some drinks and wait for the magical night to begin. At 5pm we are instructed to move through to the front of the hotel where the precession will begin. We lined up behind the groom, best man, bridesmaid, ring bearer and Thai musicians and dancers to begin the Thai part of the ceremony.


The music starts to play and we are off, first stop the bride’s room.

We arrive at the bride’s room and there are two Thai women standing out front of the room holding a rope decorated with flowers and the groom approaches and one of the women asks the groom “What brings you here today? Are you lost?” and with this the crowd breaks out in a fit of laughter. This part of the ceremony is where the groom asks permission to marry his bride. There is further banter and some official words spoken with the Thai women who eventually let the groom pass. Then comes the rising of the curtain and the bride is unveiled. Looking as beautiful as ever my cousin Kendal, Aunty Maureen and Uncle Steven step out of the room and we are on to the next part of the ceremony.


With the music playing and the dancers dancing we now reach the western part of the ceremony located on the beach. Decorated with flowers and umbrellas and with the sand swept smooth, it was the perfect location for a wedding.  We line isle and then the ceremony begins and ends with a kiss, which included a lot of tongue for a wedding kiss. Good thing the Grandparents weren't there J


Next came some traditional Thai dancing and the planting of the coconut tree which unfortunately I missed as I was too busy checking out all the photos I just took of the cermony and the dancers… Idiot!! Oh well.

After that photos were taken the cocktails came out. My favourite!!!


We then moved up to the reception, which was set up so beautifully over looking the beach. It kind of reminded me of Morocco, not that I’ve been, but the lanterns they had that feel to it. Anyway it was just gorgeous. After all the speeches came out the food and it was the best Thai food I’ve ever had. We had 4 courses and I can’t even remember what we had but it was delicious.  After dinner the bride and groom were going to set off lanterns on the beach but due to the wind the hotel was afraid it might cause a fire so they were unable to do it which was a shame because it’s suppose to bring good luck.


The night continued on with the first dance and not being much of a dancer I was happy to sit by and watch everyone else sweat it off on the dance floor whilst I made sure that the wine my Uncle Steven brought with him for the wedding was going to be so much lighter for when he went back to Perth.

Aren’t I a good niece? This wedding was so much fun and enjoyed by all. Probaly one of the best I've been to so far.

amanda576 says: comment :)
Posted on: Jun 19, 2008
flammick says:
a pom. what good taste!
Posted on: Jun 19, 2008
stabber911 says:
The flower rope that hold the groom at the door is the part of thai wedding normally using silver chain and gold chain, Thai call it 'Silver door and Golden door' it is for bride's sister and family to ask money from the groom and barter! (It is a fun part of thai's wedding, and make fun of the groom unless of course you are the groom!)
Posted on: May 10, 2008
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