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Checking out

The first leg of the trip was over L and we were now on our way to Laos. The trip so far had been relatively smooth sailing but when we arrived at the Koh Samui airport we found out the our flight to Bangkok had been delayed for about an hour (1.30pm), which put us into a bit of a panic as we had a connecting flight to Vientiane that was to depart Bangkok at 2.30pm so there was no way we were going to make it. A bit unsure about what was going to happen and with my olds not knowing what to do, I asked the guy who was checking us in if he could check with Thai Airways to see if they could get us on a later flight to Vientiane.  Whilst the guy behind the counter was checking with Thai Airways I pulled out my trusty diary to find our itinerary as something just wasn’t adding up and surprise, surprise I was right.


It turns out our flight is not due to leave Bangkok until 8pm and not 2.30pm as our ticket says. Just as I’m about to tell my parents the good news the guy behind the counter tells us exactly what I have just found out, then two seconds later my Mum, bless her, then says to us, “Oh that’s right I forgot that the travel agent told me that this flight had changed”.


With the flights finally sorted we head to the departure lounge.

Koh Samui airport is such a cute airport. I know “cute” is a bad way of describing this airport but it really was. Built in the style of huts, they had these cane chairs and lounges in each gate for people to relax in as opposed to the customary plastic chairs and they even had complimentary food and drinks, but the best part about the airport was the toilets. Yes that’s right the toilets.


When you first approach there are these two glass sliding doors which automatically open, which reveals this big fish tank, full of, well fish. Either turning to your left or to the right you come up to the sinks, which had automatic faucets and then the toilets are behind the big fish tank. Now as you all know public toilets have these small cubicles which barely give you any room to move, well not these toilets, these toilets were situated in a little room, which were almost as big as my bathroom at home. You even had a mirror with a shelf to put your bag on.  I was so impressed and they were only toilets!! Must be a female thing because my Aunties were also really impressed, where my Uncles were like “What, it’s just a place to pee”.


Finally we arrive in Bangkok airport, now the excitement begins, we have to find our way to the international check in and we have only 6 hours!! Panic!! Not! After wondering around and asking at the information desk we find out we have to go to the 4th floor to check in.

Even though we had 6 hours in the airport we were really in no mood to do anything but sit down and chill, especially with all the stuff we were carrying.


6 hours later we are on our way to Vientiane. I’m a little uncertain about what to expect in Vientiane as I did no research about this place what so ever. I know! Especially with Trav Buddy at my finger tips, but I kinda left this up to my Dad as this was a place he really wanted to visit and I was just going along for the ride.  


Arriving in Vientiane we are the last to get through immigration as we didn’t have any US dollars on us to pay the tax, so we had to do a bit of negotiating and eventually got let through, but not before the Lao Police giving me the once over when checking my passport.

  Scary dude he was too.


We get our luggage and the place is deserted there except for the guy at the currency exchange. I exchanged $300 AUD and become an instant multi millionaire. Whoo!! Got to love that exchange rate. Getting in our cab, which only just fit us in with all our suitcases, I was surprised to find that they drive on the left hand side of the road. Should have known seeing as they prefer US dollars over there own.

RJ82 says:
Wow your trip looks amazing..
Posted on: Apr 09, 2008
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Checking out
Checking out
the fish tanks in the toilets
the fish tanks in the toilets
The toilets
The toilets
Koh Samui
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