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I knew I was about to meet another wonderful TravBuddy!!!

Richard had sent me a text message letting me know that he was going to be in Laguna Beach, CA….only about 15 miles away from my home in Lake Forest, CA.  I had already been in contact with Richard….I knew he was in town and was looking forward to a meet.

Originally, I thought that I was meeting Richard in Long Beach…..but in speaking with him….he had mentioned that after driving through Laguna he was quite hooked on the location and had to stop.  Better for me.  Laguna for the most part is a way more desirable location to Long Beach.

As soon as I finished with my first flying lesson, I hurried to meet up with Richard.  Okay, I was a bit delayed….I had to stop and pick up my dry cleaning and I had been to the market earlier in the day….so had to unload my groceries.  All in all, got down to Richard about an hour later than I originally thought.

Richard was a pleasure to meet.  He was immediately ready to go and have a great time.  We took off in search of some good eats and found a Mexican restaurant “Olamendi’s” with a balcony so we could eat outside, look at the beach and enjoy the beautiful California weather.

The food and drink were good……    when we finished, we took off and walked along the coastline……yes!!! Right on the beach.  Walked and talked until we got up to the area where his hotel was located.

We stopped at his hotel. I used his internet and we were off again.  Not sure where we were going? We opted for a local lounge/restaurant/bar called Mozambique.  We had a couple drinks and I got some valuable information from Richard.  Thank you oh so much.  I think it will definitely come in quite handy and probably sooner than later.  For one reason or another we had walked into the other room of the lounge and when we were both back together…..we talked about how great that room had smelled.  We were both smelling the prawns that made us both a little hungry….so we ordered some.

I found out that Richard loves seafood.

We had a couple more drinks and then wrapped up the evening.  Richard went back to his hotel and got ready for his trip north the next day.  I headed home to finish with everything that was left undone.

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Laguna Beach
photo by: nycitalini