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So today, I am supposed to meet up with Dan and Ryan or am I?  Yesterday… car broke down.  To this point right now…, I am not quite sure what’s wrong with it.  I dropped my car off at the mechanic very late in the evening.  He’s very honest, so I know he will only fix what is necessary and for the least amount of expense possible.  But as I was leaving for Toronto right after meeting with Dan and Ryan, I wouldn’t be able to get the diagnosis until I return which would be about 12 days later.

The morning of the meet….I was picked up by my local Enterprise Rent-A-Car so I could rent a vehicle.  Even with a complimentary double upgrade I was only given a Hyundai Elantra.  Not a bad vehicle, but Enterprise (my favorite place to rent a vehicle) maybe getting a little too big.  This would be the second time (in a row) that I picked up a vehicle that was dirty and had stuff in the trunk.  This time it was only a baseball cap, but the ashtray was full of cigarette butts and they don’t even allow smoking in their vehicles.  I guess someone didn’t get the message!

I returned to the store and they did another quick clean.  They didn’t have any vehicles to switch me into.

I can’t remember why, but I went home for something….. I opened the trunk of the vehicle to put some things inside and unlocked the doors of the car… I wouldn’t get locked out.  Closed the trunk and realized that I really in fact did lock the keys in the trunk.  No problem right!  I already unlocked the car.  I could open the trunk from inside.  No!!!  The car relocked itself because no one opened the door.  Crazy.  I call up AAA, start a new membership to have them come out and open the door so I could get in.  They have someone out in about 30 minutes. He opens the door, but the trunk release is electronic and will not release the trunk because we set off the alarm when opening the door without a key.  We have to call yet another person out….one that can pick a lock.  It is going to be $60 to pick the lock.  I quickly call Enterprise….they say that they don’t know if they have a key, but if they do it will be in Santa Ana and I would have to wait about 4 hours…..oh….no….the key is in Los Angeles and would have to wait almost all day.  Already running behind schedule, I agree to pay the $60 and the lock picker comes out.

Now on my way to meet a couple cool TravBuddies.  I text Dan…..actually Ryan that I will be a bit late.  About 30 minutes later….Dan calls and says that they have arrived in San Diego.  I advise that I will be there shortly.

When I get there they have already had lunch….so our original plans have been squashed.  I need to go and do something with a friend and take Ryan and Dan along for the ride…..then to the bank with me.  I did not realize that our time was limited.

After completing the errands, Dan wants to see the Whalley House.  The most haunted house in San Diego.  The only thing scarry was that I wasn’t scarred.  I did manage to spook Dan.  He even screamed a bit.  We left the haunted house….yeah right! And went to have some Cold Stone.  By the time we were done eating, Daniel was picked up for his time with another friend he had met in the UK.

Ryan and I, both shocked that the time in San Diego with Dan was so short.  All I can say is Daniel keeps his word.  He met with me and left with Ana at 3.

Now that it was the 2 of us left we went to Fred’s and had a margarita and chilled out.  On the way to my house, we stopped at a relative of Ryan’s, had some dinner and hung out.  I even played with a chinchilla… soft.

We drove to my house and got some sleep.  Only to wake up really early and get on a plane.

Thank you both for the time spent.

danny291 says:
Mr Warren I so enjoyed meeting you, like you said it was a shame I couldnt stay longer but Im still so happy I finally got to meet you and we will meet one day again :)
Posted on: Jul 22, 2008
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