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Had to show one tacky photo
Well after our almost disaster the night before we were ready to check out the falls.  First we had to walk down Cliton Hill and what a sight this street is.  The hill itself gives a great view of part of the falls but also home to some of the tackiest tourist traps I have ever seen.  The were museums for everything possible and view game arcade galore.  I have worked in some tourist traps when I was younger and I am forced to take tourists in my bus to many traps in British Columbia but this street wins the award as the tackiest tourist trap and the largest one I have ever seen.  Heck it makes Banff Avenue in Banff look positively low key and down to earth.

Once we got away from all the tackiness we were right against the falls and what a sight.  I have seen many higher falls but never such a big, wide falls.  The amount of water racing over the falls is incredible.  The sound the water makes is impressive as well.  The fact that the cars and buses passing along Niagara Parkway must use their wipers from all the mist coming off the falls and river shows how much mist there is in the air.

We were lucky with the weather on this day.  The weather in Ontario and northern New York state had been terrible the last few days.  In fact Buffalo was basically still closed as the day before they had been hit with an early winter blizzard.  This kept a lot of people of the roads and as such Niagara Falls was really quite with very few tourists around which allowed us to move around the park along side the falls easily.  Even better the weather near the falls was great, nice and warm and sunny.  We had a very good time and if I find myself in Southern Ontario again I will likely return.

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Had to show one tacky photo
Had to show one tacky photo
Niagara Falls
photo by: portia