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I had noticed on the way to Fajardo (from SJU)that there were a number of "Curves" that I could see from the highway...seriously, Curves? Wow, everywhere is starting to look the same isn't it?:( A far cry from the "exotic" one thinks of when you head to an island. The other globalization reminder...crocs. EVERYONE was wearing crocs. They really do seem to be taking over the world. who would've thought that shoes that look as silly as crocs would be the ones taking over the world! Other reminders of the fact that PR is an extension of the US (I don't know the politically correct way to say that:)) is that there are is also an outlet mall. I don't know why that surprised me, but it did. One thing that I did see from the road in a few locations that we have yet to franchise is "Condom World".
There ya go:)

So I didn't really do much in Fajardo (shocking, huh? I didn't really do much this whole trip but lay on the beach:)) and knew that would probably be the case so I had booked a room with a place that I had found easily online, Fajardo Inn. After landing at the Fajardo Airport in the 8 seater, walked into the terminal and it was absolutely crazy! It was probably 8:30 or 9 and I think all of the flights to Culebra were already booked. When John picked me up the next morning he said that he had taken people to the airport 5:30 that morning and it was already hoppin'. The check in is quite late at the Fajardo Inn (4PM) but they stored my luggage and I was able to grab breakfast and then go and hang out at the pool.
My room was ready a bit early as well. I will write a separate review of the Fajardo Inn soon:)

I had actually chosen to go through Fajardo in order to be back on the big island the day before I was going to catch my flight out just to be safe and I had thought at the time I booked that maybe the Fajardo Inn would have a shuttle or some knowledge of something cheaper than a $80 taxi ride when I had booked. I didn't ask since I already had arranged for John to pick me up, but there wasn't anything obvious that I could see. I also had booked with them b/c I was able to make a reservation that I could cancel with 24 or 48 (I don't recall) hour notice and pay for it upon check out rather than advance (also a bonus:))

Got to the airport with LOTS of extra time (which is rare for me!) and hoped maybe to find something to charge my phone so that I could call my friend who was picking me up when I landed.
Back in the day before the cell phone, I actually knew all of my friends phone numbers but now, I realized, that I have absolutely no idea what anyone's # is....how sad! I was able to send her a quick email to just do a drive by the arrivals at a certain time if she didn't hear from me as a plan B. There was definitely nothing at the airport, and it was Good Friday so a number of shops were closed as well. There was, however, a Starbucks...ironically, there is not a Starbucks in the Philly airport where I was later in the day (I actually am not a huge fan of the Starbucks domination of the world...but I will say I was glad to see it as I had not had coffee all week:) Anyway, the comment is more of an observation than a statement of my love or dislike of the SB)

So, basically besides the ferry, airport, and Fajardo Inn...I can't tell you much about Fajardo:( The beach there, Seven Seas was also "closed" to swimming along with all of the ones along the north side of the island (per report) due to the storm system. When we were driving to the airport I did spy some spots where the waves were pretty huge.
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37 km (23 miles) traveled
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