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in all the problems that is happening in the world when you come to a city like dubai and you live in it, you feel like good dealing with people even thougfh they are from different countries and diffrent relgions cultures and back ground, and sometimes you see people from countries whom are fighting with each other but in dubai they are living togther in peace. alot of people dont know about the culure of other countries or the way of thinking or even the relgions but in dubai you will find muslim and hindo and other religons living togther in a very special way like if this city is giving a special magic or peace .. or we are going back to the human recpect, for the first human idea that is love and love of knowing and helping other and living in peace with other humans. but what we see in the world is that people are having diffrent pasports , diffrent relgions, diffrent cultures and hate each other....

but when we look at the thing as a human view we feel in another feeling when we deal with people and the place wont effict then, i feel all the world is my home and i can live with all nationalities and all cutures and all idea's. but i advice who ever read this atrical to think deeply that all the world is your home and all people is your friends so we can live always peacefuly !

even though i left my home country from 17 year but i feel so happy and proud to be living in dubai and having this special experiance in my life.

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photo by: vances