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My ex and I took a trip up the east coast years ago and one of the places that we stopped was Virginia Beach. We took a dolphin cruise and the boat passed a place where there were a bunch of dolphins near the shore. They seemed to be staying in one spot, so after the cruise, we got in the car and drove to try to find the place. It ended up being a park, state park I think. We were able to go out onto the beach and get into the water and saw that the dolphins were still swimming around there. There were a bunch of dolphins out in the water, probably only 20 feet away or so at times. At one point I dove into the water and while I was under I could hear them clicking and making noises. It was amazing, nearly every time I went underwater, I'd hear them talking to each other. So of course like Dory in Finding Nemo I said, Hey I speak whale. :p They wouldn't let anyone get close to them, as soon as I'd start swimming out they would move farther away or stay under, but it was still a very cool experience to be that close to them and to hear them.

Virginia Beach was really beautiful and that was a terrific experience, both the cruise and the surprising experience of getting to hear the dolphins. I'd highly recommend it.

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