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Still tired from the previous night church-hopping, we headed to Cutud San Pedro Pampanga to witness the "cruxifiction" of the christ. it was a long journey from our point of origin - 30 minutes by car, 20 minutes by sikad (local version of tuktuk) and 10 minutes on foot. Then the crowd has to wait for few hours before the actual cruxifiction started under the harsh sun. The temperature that day was about 34C, plus the body heat of the crowd. Most of my group surrendered and went back to the car. Only two of us were left to watch the event. It was a "penitensya" itself. People were all hotheaded, restless and probably hungry. We went there at 12:30 PM.

The hill of Cutud was the end point of the flagellants, I think about 50 of them ended bloody and tired.
One was delirious, he was asking for the crowd to cheer him. Maybe too much alcohol in his system because they have to drink before doing the flagging to deliberately increase the blood flow. Around 2:30 PM, a group of people wearing colorful robes went up the hill. Then the drama started. It lasted for about 30 minutes. The one cruxified has not shouted in pain, no grasping, no weeping. Maybe he is a professional having his hands and feet nailed to the cross each year.

It was a painful sight.

Then we have to braved the crowd who got dispersed after the cruxifiction. It was the second part of the sufferings. The district has not anticipated thousands of people to watch this. It took us 30 minutes, highblood pressure and hungry stomach to finally reach our car.
I smelled like I was raped by a thousand deamons. I fell into a deep silence when the car reached our resting place. Lol.

Then we headed back to our place, showered, ate, ate a lot then slept again. That night, we waited in front of the house for the annual procession of saints. It is one of the most memorable memories I have from my childhood. I remember chasing my Mom and sister when they joined this kind of procession. I am always fascinated to watch statues of saints being placed in a karwahe, decorated with different types of flowers and bright lights. It is always flamboyant on my imagination. It was magical when you are a kid, gloomy yes yet surreal. Being away in the Philippines for years, watching this procession was really nostalgic.

After the procession, we went inside the house, feasted on some green mangoes, then slept.

It was a Good Friday indeed. :)

planisphere says:
ang imahenasyon dear, bawas bawasan hahahaha
Posted on: Mar 31, 2008
Isabetlog says:
Tnagna nina, patawa ka talaga! :D

Ako naman afraid sa mga mga statwa ng mga santo!! Meron yun ankan namin nyan dati sa probinsya. At every year papaupuin kaming mga bagets sa may bintana para panoorin. Ok lang yun. Yung ayoko yung nakikita kong naka tago lang sa isang sulok ng bahay sa dilim. tapos pagsilip mo, parang sinusundan ka ng mata nila! Yikes! O di kaya, rumuronda ng bahay sa gabi pag tulog na lahat!
Posted on: Mar 31, 2008
aoisoba says:
josme at panong cheer ang gusto nya?! mabuhay si jose rizal?
Posted on: Mar 24, 2008
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photo by: planisphere