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Ship that crashed into the coral reef.

This was our last full day in Egypt, and how better to spend it out on the water seeing some of the worlds best coral reefs? We boarded our boat and made it a few hundred years off shore and already we had to police on us wanting to do a passport check. Eventually we were on our way to our first reef. The diver who was to swim with us gave a lecture about the corals and the fish. I already knew many of them as I am a saltwater aquariumist.

When we finally landed at our first reef I was one of the first ones in the water. The guide made me wait before I could swim to the reef. When he finally let us go I went straight to the reef and saw some of the best coral on planet earth. As many of the rest of the people on the boat stayed in a group away from the coral, I was right into it nose deep looking for some of the smaller invertebrates that hide depp in the crevices and hard to see spots.

Heading out to the reef
At this first spot I also encountered my first wild lionfish. It was deep underwater in a little hidden hole. It took every last bit of breath just to get down there so I couldn't stay and visit for long. We encountered many fish from Clown Fish and their anenome to many triggerfish and wrasses. Not to mention that we also saw a sting ray. I could only swim half way to the ray as he was very far down. So I asked our guide to swim down and take a picture of it. He swam all the way down and played with the ray. He had great lungs for snorkeling. Eventually we got up to the boat again (I was the very last person in) and ventured to the second place.

The second place was about the same story as the first place just in a different spot. We spent a short amount of time there and continued onto the third place.

Maria hitting the blue

The third place was great, it was closer to shore. Before we entered the water we had some food that the chef on the boat had prepared. Not to mention it was good food. After eating and digesting for a good ten minutes I decided to go out again. This time I did not put on my flippers. I did not realize how slow you swim without your flippers. At the reef we found a bunch of cool fish, urchins and other cool marine specimens. Also he we made friends with a small lionfish. He let us get soooo close to him without a care in the world. I know that lionfish are venomous but I also know that at such a small size that it is not something to worry about so I get nice and close to him. Eventually once again and for the last time I made it back to the boat.

At the front of the boat.
This was the last reef I was to see in Egypt. And boy how the Red Sea is beautiful. It has got to be one of the top 5 or 6 coral reefs in the world. 

As we returned back to the mainland we were in for a big surprise. After a while of heading back eventually we had a large amount of dolphins swimming with the boat. They were everywhere around us. The people operating the boat said that they only see dolphins 1 out of every 10 times out, so it was a real treat. They stuck around for a healthy 15 minutes before they finally were on there way.

And so this also wraps up the trip to Egypt as the next day we woke up and had to go straight to the airport for a long and boring flight home.

sweetnchoco says:
Great blog! I can relate to your experience. been in egypt 3 weeks ago.
Posted on: Aug 21, 2009
martinezsmi says:
great blog ans pictures sounds like it started slow and trying but ended great like you never want to leave
Posted on: Jul 27, 2008
JeAr says:
u finally got decent food huh? good for u! i liked the story about ur snorkeling adventure, something i should try when i go to egypt. and the dolphins! i just love them! thanks for ur very nice blog! keep them coming! :)))
Posted on: Apr 25, 2008
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Ship that crashed into the coral r…
Ship that crashed into the coral …
Heading out to the reef
Heading out to the reef
Maria hitting the blue
Maria hitting the blue
At the front of the boat.
At the front of the boat.
Similar boat to ours. Owned by the…
Similar boat to ours. Owned by th…
Aboard the boat to Tiran Island
Aboard the boat to Tiran Island
Hitting the water
Hitting the water

(picture acquired o…
Triggerfish (picture acquired …
Great coral and fish

(picture a…
Great coral and fish (picture …
Two clownfish and their anenome.
Two clownfish and their anenome. …