Camel riding into the desert.

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Riding the camel...

Today is our second day in Egypt. The previous day we signed to do some camel Riding. It was around 5 o'clock when we finally had to start our trip and catch the bus. As we began our trip we drove through the center of Sharm El Sheikh and head out of town into the sand and dirt. Before we could continue our trip we had to stop and do a passport check at a local stopping point. There were men with automatic rifles patrolling and they sent a man onto the bus to check everybodies passports. Everybody was good so we continued onwards. After another 20 minutes of driving we arrived at our destination.

There were a good quantity of camels for everyone to ride and a bunch of children to walk the camels as we rode them.

Bedouin man preparing jewelery for sale.
I got my camel and Maria got hers (I called my camel Fred). The camels have had a hard life as could be seen by the amount of scars on their necks from ropes. They were as machines that did not care to be pet and showed no emotions. We rode the camels for a mere 30 minutes and we reached our destination of some local Bedouins who were to prepare us food and so we could relax and watch the Egyptian sunset. The locals made us some bread and tea (the bread was ok and the tea was unbearable).

We decided to join some other travelers and walked up a sandy mountain (I dunno what it would be called) to watch the sunset. It was magnificently beautiful to watch the sunset (not to mention I saw my first and only cloud here). After the sun had finally set we walked back down to the bedouin camp and relaxed.

Egyptian sunset
The locals had prepared some food for us consisting of some bread, potatoes, some sheep and some rice. It was decent food but one of the pieces of sheep was the most ill tasting thing I have ever tried to consume and I started gagging as I tried to eat it (I have a strong stomach and I still gagged).

When the food was gone the locals brought us some hookahs with flavored tobacco to take some tokes off of as they started making music and danced around the fire. As everything was starting to wind down we started to gaze at the stars. I couldnt take a picture of the stars but it was the one thing that I said I will remember. Never in my life had I see so many stars in the sky. Our group leader was a Norwegian woman who is a star gazer and even she admits that she cold barely find any constellations because of the quanitity of stars. Nonetheless this was the end of our camel riding trip. It was a great experience (except  for the sheep).

martinezsmi says:
i always like to try the local food and sometimes it is unedible ;(
Posted on: Jul 27, 2008
JeAr says:
a nice experience, all in all, right? and what's the sgnificance of the name Fred? i'd like to think it's a long-lost friend that u miss hahaha! :D
Posted on: Apr 25, 2008
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Riding the camel...
Riding the camel...
Bedouin man preparing jewelery for…
Bedouin man preparing jewelery fo…
Egyptian sunset
Egyptian sunset
lonesome tree, taken from atop the…
lonesome tree, taken from atop th…
The local Bedouin food. Good excep…
The local Bedouin food. Good exce…
Locals dancing around the fire.
Locals dancing around the fire.