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The Merlion (landmark of S'pore) with the skyline.

The Merlion
Today we headed to the Merlion statue at the Quay. The Merlion is a stone-lion which is the town's landmark. A great place to shoot photos, as you see.
As we continued our walk in direction to the East Coast park (but this was even too far away). On our walk we were stopped by a boatsman who invited us for a river trip. We agreed and so we drove through the city along the river (in both directions - along the coast and on the river into the city). This is the best way to get a good overview as you don't have the buildings right in front of you and so you can see the whole building on one view.

Bus tour
In the afternoon we choose a bus tour through the city to see the remaining part. S'pore offers many green parks and places as well. HDB-buildings (residential houses which are built by the government - Housing development board) look quite comfortable and modern (from outside).

Our guided bustour through the city.
We hopped off the bus at Orchard Road (the main shopping (center) street).

Orchard road
The Orchard road is an enormous street where one large shopping mall is located next to another. Passing through one (!) shopping mall needs arround one hour (depending on your speed, you can spend even more time in this temple. If you thing of an shopping street like Kärntnerstrasse in Vienna, you're on the wrong path. At Kärntnerstrasse you have one shop located to another. Here, you have shopping malls located to another one. Incredible. What to do in S'pore --> SHOPPING!
There you also find products from Austria as the picture below shows.
At 4 p.m. we took a small snack at a food court outside, which was delicious (like every type of food here).

The Sim Lim Square IT Mall.

Sim Lim Square - IT Mall
With the map in our hands we headed direct to the Sim Lim Square - IT Mall. What we saw there was a 6-storey building with a large amount of shops which offer electronical things, like camcorders, digicams, MP3-players, PC's, notebooks, flat-screens, ......... ......... There you really get everything you need. The prices here are nearly the same like in Europe, except the tax (here 5%).
And: All shopping malls are full. It seems that really everybody goes shopping if they have free-time.

For dinner, we decided to try Samy's Curry house which was recommended by travbuddy-user "athewinn" to us.
For further information on this check the review below.
Travelling there was very difficult. Our first taxi driver didn't know the road and just read the Civil Service Center, where the curry house was located, on our paper. So he dropped us out at the wrong place (it also was a Civil service center, but the wrong one). So we looked out for another taxi (was difficult, because we already where outside the city center). This second driver didn't know the street as well so I (!!) had to show him the adress on his road map. Finally we found Samy's Curry house and it was great :-).

Amanda says:
I'm sorry you had trouble finding it, but so glad you did - and I'm so glad you liked it, especially for all the trouble you went to getting there!!
Posted on: Sep 12, 2006
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The Merlion (landmark of Spore) w…
The Merlion (landmark of S'pore) …
Our guided bustour through the cit…
Our guided bustour through the ci…
The Sim Lim Square IT Mall.
The Sim Lim Square IT Mall.
TV-shop in the Sim Lim IT Mall.
TV-shop in the Sim Lim IT Mall.
The famous Singapore Sling.
The famous Singapore Sling.
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