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One more day of waiting to get on that plane and start my adventure.  To fill the time, I prepared a few tips for when I travel.  Hope it's helpful!

Packing Tips:  Whenever I travel, I prepare a packing list so I don’t forget anything.  (I have a standard form which I customize for each individual trip.)  For my trip to SE Asia, I am bringing the following key items:


-         Breathable, fast drying clothes.  Work-out clothes are actually quite useful because they dry super fast and are super comfortable.  A lot of these hotels will launder your clothing for cheap (or you can buy cheap clothes), so no need to pack a lot of clothes.

-         A few modest pieces of clothing.  Many Asian countries are quite modest and require your arms/legs to be covered, especially when visiting their temples and other religious sites ��" so be respectful and pack a few long shirts/skirts/pants.

-         SPF hats/clothes again, light, comfy and offers extra protection. 

-         Comfortables shoes and flip flops.  Even if you don’t wear flip flops out, you can use them in showers.

-         Insect repellant/sunblock Avon actually has a product that combines both so it’s very convenient.

-         Stomach medicine bring a variety of tums, pepto, immodium, etc. just in case.

-         Extra passport photos useful for visas-on-arrival, tourist passes, etc.

-         Lots of plastic/Ziploc bags for dirty laundry, for organization, etc.

-         Camera, charger and lots and lots of memory!

-         Small calculator good for bargaining

-         Toilet paper just in case … at Target they sell portable little rolls.

-         Purell/handy wipes  always good to have!

-         Envelope for receipts organize for customs if you are an avid shopper (like me).

-         Thank you cards (not essential, but I carry some to give to tour guides, drivers, concierges, etc., with tips)

-         USD  in small denominations a lot of the places actually take dollars so it’s useful to carry a lot of $1, $5, $10.  No need to exchange currency, but oftentimes they can’t make change so it’s better to have small denominations.

-         Sample clothes for tailors - If you plan to have clothes made, bring actual clothes or pictures of garments you want made.


Visa tips ��" Always check before you leave to determine whether you will need to get visas for the countries you are visiting.  The following is applicable for U.S. citizens:

-         For Bali, you can get a visa-on-arrival for approximately $10 (for a one week stay). 

-         For Vietnam, you can apply for a visa online or have your hotel in Vietnam get you a pre-approval letter to get an expedited visa-on-arrival. 

-         For Cambodia, you can get your visa on arrival or get one online for approximately $30.  (They appear to have the easiest online process.)


General tips

-         Make copies of your passport, itinerary, airline/hotel tickets/confirms  leave a set in your luggage and give a set to a trusted relative/friend back home.  Also a good idea to email yourself a pdf of a set so you can retrieve it online in case it gets lost.

-         Keep a list of emergency contacts: personal friends, applicable embassies, credit card company numbers, etc.

Get immunized!  A lot of these countries recommend that you get immunizations for Hep A/B, polio, TB boosters, etc.  The Hep A/B immunization requires a series of shots over the course of several months so start early!  Some people also get malaria pills, but I’ve heard they make you feel ill so I opted not to do it.

alicegourmet says:
Hey Doris! Your tips is very useful to most of the people...I have a check list everytime before I go for my trip...I use space bags to pack my clothes...so I will have more space in my lugguage. If you go to Thailand and other places, you can buy cheap t-shirts over there...don't need to carry a big lugguage or carry some old old tee and dispose it on the way!
Posted on: Apr 26, 2008
worldcitizen says:
Great tips, bringing your own toilet paper to SE Asia is pretty essential ;)
Posted on: Apr 25, 2008
villan says:
Brilliant review and congratulations on being featured, but I wanted to comment on this page coz... I'm exactly the same as you and make lists. However, it's because I have OCD!
Posted on: Apr 25, 2008
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