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Our first meal in Singapore at this chicken rice place. Totally delicious!
I thought Amanda and I would never arrive to Singapore!!!  This felt like the longest flight ever.  When we were getting out of LAX, a Quantas flight delayed us for about an hour, but we somehow made it to Hong Kong (our stop) with only a 20 minute delay.  This still meant we had to run to catch our flight to Singapore.  I've done this flight before but this time, it literally felt like it would never end.  I took sleeping pills and only slept about 5 hours so that left me with about 10 hours to sit, watch movies, and sit ....  (speaking of movies, not sure why everyone raves about No Country for Old Men, it was weird and slow; Juno was much cuter). 

OK, I'll stop whining.  We did make it safe and sound.  Our luggage arrived without a hitch.  And it was awesome when I saw my friend Veronica waiting for us at the arrivals gate.
Crazy thongs we saw while shopping in Lucky Center Plaza.
  I hadn't seen her in about 4 years when she moved back to Singapore from LA.  She looks amazingly the same!  This woman never ages!  Crazy!  (I wonder what cream she uses...)

We picked up another friend of hers at another terminal (Christianne, from Switzerland) and immediately headed out to a food market for lunch.  (V knows me too well.  Even though I'm jetlagged, I can't pass up good food).  And so we commemorated our arrival in Singapore with the very Singaporean dish - I believe it's their national dish - Chicken Rice.  Steamed Chicken served over a bed of marinated cucumbers with chili/ginger sauce and rice cooked in chicken broth.  So simple and yet so delectable.  It's one of those comforting dishes you can just eat and eat, and then eat some more.
V's penthouse.
  The total for 4 people was only about 20 Singapore dollars - so about $3 each. 

After the very satisfying lunch we headed to V's place - a gorgeous flat with wonderful views - including a direct view of the house of the President (or ex-President) of Singapore.  (Clearly I wasn't paying attention to storytime.)  I was quite envious of V's fab bachelorette pad.  It seriously looks as though it could have been featured in an interior design magazine.  Moreover, she has the entire top floor to herself - thus, we have christened her home "V's Penthouse."

V didn't want us to succumb to jet lag so she dragged our lazy butts out and made us walk to Orchard Road - a major shopping thoroughfare in Singapore.  There are several department stores located on the street - each with amazing food  courts.
Our guest room.
  Everytime I walk through them I wish that I had an entire day and 5 stomachs to eat every single thing - wonderful carrot cakes, sweet potato fries, grilled meats, pork jerky, octopus balls, sweet pastries, etc. etc.!  Yum - I'm salivating just remembering the amazing selection of food and treats  We also did some shoe shopping, but I was too pooped to try which meant I saved a lot of money.  I did purchase some i nuovi nail polish - super fast drying with cute colors - but they no longer carry the brand in the U.S.  Since it  was Sunday, all the stores were super packed.  But it was nice to see all the lively people mingling.

One thing I forgot to mention is I had forgotten how humid it was here.  I mean I knew it was humid, but you don't really keep the memory of the experience with you.
One of her views - the ex-president's (?) house is in the midst of the greenery.
  I would be cool in an airconditioned space, and the second I stepped outside, it's like a vacuum of humidity would suck me in and I was suddenly encased in sticky sweat.  I hope I get used to it soon since I can't really take 6 showers ieveryday.  On the plus side, all the humidity makes Singapore a very green and surprisingly lush space. 

I soon pooped out - I even skipped dinner which is a rarity for me.  :)  I am hoping one good night's rest will energize me for tomorrow because I plan to savor every single moment of my 3 week vacation!
alicegourmet says:
Oh yea...I missed the "Hai Nan" steamed chicken with chicken broth infused rice...the condiments are so tasty and the dipping sauces are wonderful too! And another fantastic dish in Singapore is the Black Pepper mouth is watery right now! LOL!
Posted on: Apr 26, 2008
TRE69 says: picture of the chicken rice dish?!?!?! J/K...I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your adventure!!!:P
Posted on: Apr 24, 2008
martinikitty13 says:
I probably can't keep this up when I head over to Bali and Vietnam in a few days. But I'm keeping notes. :)

I saw the same show - the bone marrow thing does not look appetizing at all so I'm going to skip that.

Having a great time! Thanks for reading!
Posted on: Apr 02, 2008
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Our first meal in Singapore at thi…
Our first meal in Singapore at th…
Crazy thongs we saw while shopping…
Crazy thongs we saw while shoppin…
Vs penthouse.
V's penthouse.
Our guest room.
Our guest room.
One of her views - the ex-presiden…
One of her views - the ex-preside…