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In front of the school we were supposed to build a roof on, but it was too dangerous to do, so the local villagers hired a construction worker to put the roof on.

Day 1,2 4/15-4/16/06
We left WCChurch at 11:00pm and now we're stopped at a rest area in New Jersey. We're ten minutes away from the airport. So we're chillin in the rest area till five or so. Our flight is at 7:30 am. I thought I left my money at home because I couldn't find it but now I have. Well, I am going to go to sleep.

Day 3 4/17/06
We are at the chocolate drying worksite.
The worksite is basically an empty field with trees on its boarders. There are at least three buildings. One with the cocao beans and two others.
It is really hot right now, we just finnished lunch and now we are taking our two hour break.
Last night we had dinner. For dinner we had rice, beans, chicken. We also had bread. I only had rice, bread and chicken for the most part it was good. For breakfast today we had eggs, bread and cheese. The eggs we delicious!
Hopefully later on we'll go to the beach but we have to do alot of work.

Day 4 4/18/06
We're back at the chocolate factory. Today was a little bit different. We got a workshop on formenting the cocao beans. Then we worked for an hour and a half or more. Then we had a snack which consisted of the bananas, coconut milk and coconut, and honeycomb. It was all very good. For breakfast today we had crepes, eggs and pinapple.

Day 5 4/19/06
Today was so much fun! It was long and tiring though. We walked in the rainforest and interacted with the locals.
We kept stopping at different houses. One stop we got giganic coconuts that were so good. The milk tasted like lemonade or some light Mist or something. Along the way I got to ride a donkey that we picked up from one of the villages.

"The chicken ate the chicken!"

We also went to a gorgeous waterhole. My shoes got stuck in the mud! So now they are caked in mud, but I washed some off. Hilary's shoes got stuck on the way back.
Tomorrow I have to take my milaria pills and we're going shopping.
At some of the houses we stopped at we had really good rice and coffee. The coffee was really sweet though.

Day 6 4/20/06
Today was fun. We went to one shop and bought some souviners. I still need to get a charm and music.
I bought a painting, ceramic bell, coconut scented candle, a larimar necklace, a box for my mother, cigars for my brother. After shopping we waent to a BEAUTIFUL beach.
While at the beach some dominicans came over and were selling some of their crafts. I bought a statue of a man and a woman kissing for my mom for mothers day. The statue is made out of pertrified wood.
I also got two necklaces one of which I gave to my secret buddy. The necklace is made out of dried cocnut. I also got a cool bracelet.
After the beach, Paco's van (my group) had to stop to go grocery shopping. I had to go to the bathroom really badly so I went into the supermarket bathroom. When we were going to go back to the center we got stuck in a political parade.
We then had dinner and a service then Dave and I figured out Greensleeves, he played on his guitar and me on my flute.

Day 7 4/21/06
Today was really relaxing. In the morning it rained and pored we then went to the hat place and I got music and a hat for my father.  It took so long to get to the work place we hardly worked at all.
Then we had lunch and we were given the option to go on a hike or go home. I went home (meaning the community center where we stayed) and relaxed and had fun.
Then we waited for the hikers to come back and eat dinner. We had a surprise part for Charles. We had ccake which was okay and we sang happy birthday in spanish and english. We had a drink that was made with sprite and dominican beer, it was good, I had one and a half cups of it.
After the party we had a worship service and communion.

stevenguyen says:
Sounds like a busy week!
Posted on: Sep 03, 2006
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In front of the school we were sup…
In front of the school we were su…
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