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Catching a shark, on the sailboat using skin from the fish we caught during the same day.


Day 2
Time: 9:40am

Yesterday was quite a busy day. I left WCC and traveled into Boston to Logan Airport with Pam, Michelle, Megan and Steph. We checked in and went through security which wasn't as bad as it usually was. Then we boarded the Airplane for a two hour flight to Miami.
Once we got to miami we claimed our bags. As "First Mate" I had to make sure everyone had everything and everything had everyone. Once we got our stuff we took a two hour bus ride to seabase. We passed miles of desert like terrain but we saw some buildings. Finally we got to seabase! As soon as we piled our stuff off the buss we ate. For dinner we had salad, spagehtti and meat sause, garlic bread and a brownie. After dinner we packed our mesh bas with what we needed. It was hard. You had to pack everything you might need. Everything was so bulky it was hard to pack everything.
Then we carried our stuff to the boats and Oh! how I love being on the dock at night. Guess what?! We saw a small manatee right near the boats and dock!
Manatees were one of the animals I've wanted to see the whole trip!
We then met with our captin who's name is Mike. He came from Long Island and sailed over here and never come home! He said it took 36 days to sail from Long Island new york to florida. He also has a cat named Stormy. I was lucky and got the room with a fan, but I didn't really need it. I slept wonderfully!
In the morning we woke up at 6 am! It was hard to wake up but not for long we had to take an icy cold swim test.
Each group had a staff member and ours was named Ronaldo. He is from Mexico. We are not sailing right now but we a motoring.

Day 4
Time: 8:00am

Yesterday (day 3) was fun, although I really wished we ate as a crew instead in our small groups. I was really jealous of the other crews because they got together and ate and it looked like fun. My god! Everything was so expensive. Lunch for three was $40! I got a conch trumpet because the conch is the symbol of key west because of the Conch republic. I also got a charm for my charm baraclet which was $19.99! It has a key and then west attached to it. I also bough two necklaces. So that took all my money, I had $6 for dinner.
Oh speaking of money I left my money at seabase! Mr. Huemiller came to my rescue and gave me the same amount I had at seabase.
I have two blisters from my sandles. They hurt so much and the right side of my face is really burned. So we ended up eating at Wendy's. Wendy's of all places! I got ice cream at some sweet shop cause I HATE wendy's!

Day 6
Time: 8:48am

Yesterday (day 5) we had spagehtti for dinner with corn and other vegetables. Michelle and Alex cooked. We went lobster hunting! I wasn't a diver because of my cough and I was afraid that I would choke. It was still fun. The boys got one lobster that we got to keep.
My sunburn on my face doesn't hurt anymore but the sunburn under my thighs hurt like hell. Right now all the guys are gone snorkling, we're moared right in front of a coral reefe. I'm not snorkling because 1. I'm not really up to it, 2. it's cold, 3. I'm not really hot so it wouldn't be refreshing.

Day 7

We're back at seabase! Right now I am in an Air conditioned room! I'm waiting for Ms. D to come back so I can retrieve some shampoo. Nothing really exciting happened this morning except that we went snorkling again. However, I did not go. We had steak which I did not eat last night I'm not really a fan of steak. I bet it was good. We went to a little Island to fill up with gass and  we got to talk about with the other boats. Miss Jerry's crew were weenies though, they stopped on a dock to watch some stupid entertainment. We had french toast this morning and sausages and eggs and it was yummy.

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Catching a shark, on the sailboat …
Catching a shark, on the sailboat…
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