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An Amish Homestead

With both my husband and I having the day off, we decided to leave Upper for the day.  Our destination was the Amish Country in the Holmes County area of Ohio.  This area is a step back in time with the Amish living the plain life - no electricity, cars, or modern conveniences.  It is a favorite destination for many people and a nice trip that can be completed in one day.

Our first stop was in Loudenville, Ohio, at one of my favorite furniture stores - Amish Oak Furniture.  Located on the main street in Loudenville, the store is known for high quality handcrafted furniture.  Beautiful all wood tables, chairs, bedroom furniture, office desks and chairs, and entertainment centers are just a few of the items.  I will soon write a review of the store and add it to my blog.

Work Horses Waiting For Spring Field Work To Begin

After an hour spent wandering through the many rooms of furniture, we headed on east in search of the many small towns that the Amish call home.  Our next stop was just outside Charm, Ohio, at the Guggisberg Cheese Factory.  This is a wonderful stop where you can watch the production of their famous Baby Swiss cheese.  There is a cheese gift shop where we sampled and bought some of the famous Baby Swiss cheese that is unique to the company.  Please read my review of the factory and gift shop!  This is a must see stop while visiting the area!

We then traveled into Charm where we found a quaint little town known for Keim Lumber Company and a couple Amish style restaurants.

Cheese and Gift Shop, Guggisberg Cheese Factory
  Since we were there on Good Friday of the Easter weekend, we found most places closed for the day.  Only businesses not operated by the Amish were open.  We were in search of a hardware store, and drove on to the next town down county roads right through the Amish countryside.  We encountered many horse and buggies along the way!  At one time, we were sandwiched in between two buggies to the front and one behind with several traveling in the opposite lane!  Imagine that - a traffic jam moving about 10-12 miles per hour and nowhere to pass!  We were able to look around the country and see the beautiful homes built by the Amish and their neat farms.  Several horses were grazing in the pastures, and corn shocks were weathered by the harsh winter.
Mt. Hope Hardware Store
  Though not a bright, sunny day and the landscape not yet awakened by warmer spring temperatures, I found the area just beautiful!  Truly, I much different way of life!  No electricity in the homes, or motorized vehicles in the barnyards. 

Finally passing several buggies, we came into Mt. Hope where we found the smaller of the two Lehman's hardware stores.  We only had 10-15 minutes before closing, so it was a quick run through the store.  Items of yesteryear for us but necessary for the Amish way of life were proudly displayed for sale.  I found small measuring spoons for recipes that call for "smidgen, dash, and pinch," a game for my granddaughters that can't be found at Toys R Us remembered from my childhood - Uncle Wiggly, and parts for our lantern.

Going Up the Hill
  There were all sorts of cast iron cookware, bird feeders and feed, stove pipe and kerosene heater accessories, you name it - they had it!  Definitely an experience!  We also learned about the Mt. Hope auctions and the schedule for the coming year.  I think we will be coming back soon!

We also learned of the larger Lehman's store located in Kidron, Ohio.  The store would be closed by the time we could get there, but decided to find out where it was for future trips.  We would need to go another 9 miles along a county road.  And guess what - we encountered more buggies along with children on bicycles and Amish people walking.  We discovered many Amish shops located at their farms.  Each specialized in something hand crafted such as furniture, harnesses, baked goods, and picnic tables.

Sign of Caution for the Safety of the Amish
  The signs dotted the countryside, and all were closed for the religious holiday.  We will be back!

Kidron, Ohio is another small Amish town.  The stores in town have electricity and have items produced by the Amish.  The grocery store displayed a sign for Amish baked goods.  There were many antique stores and craft shops.  Due to the late hour (after 5 pm), most were closed or closing shortly.  Lehman's is an old fashioned retail store that occupies several buildings.  If it is something your great-grandmother used, I'm sure you will find it at Lehman's.  They feature non-electric merchandise.  You can have lunch at the Cast Iron Cafe located inside Lehman's.  Now I know we will be back!  I have to visit this store!

As we were heading home, a bakery was open in Apple Creek, another one of those little Amish towns.

Last Fall's Corn Shocks
  This is the kind of place where you gain weight just walking through the door and smelling the wonderful aroma of freshly baked pies, cookies, cakes, and bread!  The sign out front advertised strawberry pie which we bought along with shoefly pie (a molasses and sugar pie), and iced pecan rolls.  We had to laugh at the thought of having several hundred calories in one bag!

Just off highway 250, is the home to one of my favorite collectible pieces - The Cat's Meow.  These small wooden pieces are shaped and painted to depict buildings, landmarks, trees, vehicles, etc.  The pieces all have a black cat painted somewhere on the piece either sitting or laying.  Most of my collection is of buildings we have visited and some are of places in my hometown, Upper Sandusky.

Amish Farms along the county roads
  I have replicas of the Washington Monument, Marblehead Lighthouse, and the firehouse series.  They were closed, so I'm going to be heading back during business hours!

All this in one day!  So much to see and so much to do, it really would be a great two or three day trip.  I noticed many Bed and Breakfast places - many on working farms.  There were also country inns and nearby chain hotels.  There are many restuarants in the area serving family style dinners and rich desserts!  Remember - if it is run by the Amish, places will be closed on Sunday and holidays.  We are planning our next visit soon with lots to see and do!  This was a wonderful day!

kbutera says:
Thank you for the blog! I will be making my first trip in a couple weeks. I will only have a day as well and was wondering what you recommended as "must see's"? The cats meow and the hardware store is on my list. :)
Posted on: Aug 06, 2013
JP-NED says:
a great blog, i visit the Amish about twelve years ago and it was amazing! It was back to the future but i can have only respect for them! I'll will never forget this trip. Thanks again for this blog.
Posted on: Apr 30, 2008
mfmcp1982 says:
What a great blog - I guess the Amish are a people lots of us don't know very much - or enough - about. Think most people in the UK would only know them because of the school shooting a little while ago.
Posted on: Mar 28, 2008
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An Amish Homestead
An Amish Homestead
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Work Horses Waiting For Spring Fi…
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Mt. Hope Hardware Store
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Sign of Caution for the Safety of …
Sign of Caution for the Safety of…
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