you know you're in asia when...

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Malls advertise 'red envelope' giveaways with any purchase over $100!

Bloomberg's latest press release announces introduction of a roast-pork index to track prices leading up to new years.

When you tell people you're from California, the first thing the ask is if you went to Berkeley (good thing I did or I'd have a real complex by now).

The hardest part of traveling alone is not being lonely, but finding people to have hot pot and dim sum.

These things aside, Singapore is still so Westernized you would otherwise hardly notice you were in Asia (and if you missed all the people speaking Chinese).  Which leads me to overhear things like a woman complaining to her husband that she doesn't care if they go to the botanical gardens or the symphony, she just wants to go "somewhere that doesn't remind me of America!"  I say, forget the symphony and try Kuala Lumpur.

Speaking of the arts, there's this German ballet troupe visiting right now and since the production is sponsored by Mercedes, they have big ads everywhere offering 20% discounts for all Mercedes owners.  Which is nice and all, but why do the Mercedes owners need discounts on their tickets?  Why don't they give 20% off to everyone who doesn't have a Mercedes?
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photo by: easyjobrob