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My flight to Delhi went through Bahrain, a country I had never even heard of.  And my flight was on Gulf Air, and I was desperately hoping it was not like SmartWings, random airline of eastern europe.  But it was actually really nice!  All those UAE area countries really know what they're doing.  There were personal TVs, menus, ice cream snacks, and lots of magazines.  I was pleased.  Until I got to Bahrain and had a six hour layover.  In which I couldn't leave the airport because a)I wouldn't know where to go and b)I had no visa.  But even worse, the stores and cafes in the airport didn't accept anything but local currency!  I had to exchange five euros just to get some tea and other snacks. 

Travelling for so long also brought my head cold back in full force.  I am so miserable:o(  And not just being a big fat baby, but actually stuffed up and having chest pains and nausea miserable.  As excited as I am to be in India, I am just more convinced it is a sign I need to go home where I can have chilled Dimetapp and piles of children's Tylenol to revive my battered immune system.  Also, in London they do NOT sell chewable asprin.  What's wrong with these people?  Don't they care about the children?  And adults who can't swallow pills??

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