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Even though Vienna is farther east than at least three Eastern European capitals, I TOTALLY feel that I have returned to Western Europe.  Mostly because after a month of no Starbucks, they are suddenly everywhere.  And there are ethnic people everywhere!  And a Tiffany and Co.  hahaha.  Even the weather is better here.

So we were all ready to leave Budapest and went off to the train station with plenty of time.  Got a little lost trying to locate the international ticket window, but found it with 20 minutes to spare before our train, so we thought all was well.  But not so, my friends.  The woman working there was THE SLOWEST PERSON in the world.  For reals.  We were only third in line, but not only did we miss the train, two other people in line with us missed it also.  Talk about new lows.  Service there was so slow, I thought the next train 3 hours later was going to leave without us too. 

There´s always a moment of anticipation when boarding a train in Eastern Europe.  They all have the same faded exterior, but inside some are surprisingly modern and "German-style" while others are ghetto-fab, and still others are just barely in one piece.  I love when there´s a silver lining inside.  Also because it means there are most likely bathrooms.

I always thought California was the land of plenty, but when it comes to produce, eastern europe is really where it`s at.  Apples bigger than my two fists.  Butternut squashes longer than my forearms!  Pomelos bigger than my head!  They HAVE pomelos here.  It`s amazing.  And Nino and James claim that produce in Russia and Turkey was even more gargantuan.  Who knew.  You could probably make a fruit salad for an entire family with three grapes and a few orange slices. 

suzyq7788 says:
pomelos are my absolute favorite fruit! it was my favorite food in hong kong =)
Posted on: Nov 13, 2006
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photo by: hellenica