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I think my mom and I are now banned from using the Indian Railway system for causing repeated chaos.  We got to the Varanasi train station nice and early and our train was even there on time so we boarded staked out our seats so we wouldn't have to fight for them like last time, and got settled.  But just before we were going to depart the station, a man came over and said we were in his seat.  After weeks of being misled by random drivers and storeowners, we were skeptical, but after much debate, we discovered we were in the wrong car and made a mad dash for the right one.

You would think being Berkeley graduates and having five degrees between the two of us (ok, I only contributed one of those, but still) we would have learned our lesson from this and just gone with the flow.  But no.  When we got to the right seats, there were people sitting on the bench we thought was ours and we got in another debate.  Well, as much as you can when the only common words you have are, "get up!"  and "no!"  hahaha.  Only after much arguing and my mom randomly calling out for the police and conducter to come (we were so OC) did another man finally intervene and explain the numbering system and show us our actual seats.  Let's just say it's a good thing Indian people are so good-natured and instead of glaring at us for 8 hours, they just laughed and asked us if we still wanted to call the police.  Seriously, I think Indian people must be the most good-natured people in the world.  So many times, we do stupid things and think about how if we were in America or China, we would be yelled at or given dirty looks.  But here, they just laugh and send us on our way.  Either the nicest people ever or we're just so ridiculous they can't even be mad.  hahaha.  Either way, I am grateful.

To add injury to insult (yes, that's right), we spent nearly 24 hours on the train getting to Amritsar.  24 hours!  Can you imagine what Jack Bauer could have accomplished in the time we were sitting on the train??  Even Edgar at his worst could have done more with that entire season's worth of time.

In travel-related news, Amritsar is the site of the Golden  Temple, the center of Sikhism.  It is so pretty!  All shiny and sitting atop a big pool with all this white marble surrounding it.  India is like a tour of world religions...I'm even going to see Catholicism and Christianity once I make my way down to Goa.  Who needs Religious Studies 98 when you can just come here?
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