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Every city has an extremely tall building or tower that you can pay to go up for views of the city and surrounding area.  I think I have been to at least one in every city.  Which is cool, because the views are always nice.  But more importantly, it provides and excellent orienteering tool, because no matter how lost you are, as long as you can see a big tall building, you know you're okay.

Speaking of the big tall towers, I made a rookie mistake in Bruges - I went up the clock tower 10 minutes before the hour.  All that CalSO training, shot.  It was so loud up there.

There are dogs everywhere in Germany.  Everywhere!!  That's how I know it's not for me.  Also, in Munich (and Bavaria in general), people are actually wearing the lederhosen!  Partly for Oktoberfest,  but apparently they always wear it on Sundays and do traditional Bavarian things.  I partook in some of that last night - I ate a meal that involved FIVE KINDS OF MEAT.  I kid you not.  The plate had meat dumplings, roasted pork,  a different pork,  sausages, and duck.  I thought I was going to puke after the first piece of pork.  But I ATE THE WHOLE THING.  This is up there with the 8 hot dog attempt in my great food accomplishment hall of fame.  Pictures to come ASAP, I promise.
winstonlee says:
Interesting to know that someon born in the year of dog doesn't like dog. No wonder there is a worser expression.....that is dog eats dog.
Posted on: Sep 28, 2006
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