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One of the favorite phrases in India is "soon coming."  No matter what you need, how trivial or crucial it is, or when it is actually coming, the answer is always "soon coming."  Which drove me crazy to an extent, but here in Goa, not only is that the real answer and outlook on life, but it doesn't matter!  Who needs stuff when you have an endless assortment of beaches and fresh fruit being paraded past your lounge chair? 

I've been staying in Anjuna, Goa, for the past few days - Goa is made up of lots of little towns strung out along the beach (ok, some are inland too) and all are pretty fun.  I kept hearing from other people how Goa is really dangerous because it's such a touristy spot and even the owners of the place I'm staying said there are places I should avoid, even in the day time!  So I made the requisite friends and thought, ok, I have my troops of Israeli/German/Finnish big tall men.  Now we can walk around.  But it turns out, it's not shady!  There are no muggers!  The streets are filled with schoolchildren in uniform and random women selling fruit!  And now I'm stuck with all my new friends!  haha, just kidding, they're loads of fun.  We talk about everything we think is crazy about our various cultures and racism in our respective countries.  It's great. 

The Israelis and Finnish also love to talk about the sauna, and how cleansing and refreshing it is to be in a 60-70 degree room (that's Celsius, my friends) and jump into freezing cold pools.  I find this crazy and even more so because I am from San Francisco.  As we often point out when we talk about never leaving the Bay Area, we do not DO extreme temperatures!  Above 80 is too hot!  Below 70 is too cold!  And that's all there is to that.

Anjuna (and Goa in general) is known to be populated with foreign hippies.  Which is actually pretty true, both in terms of residents and tourists.  Which means there are lots of health food restaurants and whole wheat bakeries and organic restaurants.  Every morning, I see people fishing off the rocky beaches, climbing coconut trees to cut down fruit, and cows and chickens grazing in little fields.  What food isn't organic here??

The low cost of India is great for obvious reasons, but also because stuff you would never think of becomes completely affordable and logical.  Like having your hotel send a car to pick you up from the airport, even though it's over an hour's drive away and there are taxis you can hire there.  But when you're on your own in India and landing in the middle of nowhere, it is so nice to see that little board with your name typed on it.  SO nice.

Also, speaking of cheap things, the owners of this place were telling this girl that they can take her to a dentist who will fill her cavity.  For 150 rupees.  Which is like, FOUR DOLLARS!!!!!  The last cavity I filled probably cost $150!!!  I can't believe it.  I have to eat more Indian desserts so I can take advantage of this.

Bonnie has sent me this reason for being glad I'm not back in SF yet:  This just proves that hugging strangers is so unnatural, they have to bribe you with brownies to get you to do it.  Hmph.

wanderlass says:
I started reading w/ ur Paris trip (my search on Paris brought ur blog), went to the start of ur journey in Sept 06, read the whole europe in 1 sitting. Glad to find u in India now. I have to stop and read the rest later. I'm jealous of ur adventure, so much that it shall inspire me to take my trip soon. Keep blogging. :)
Posted on: Jan 28, 2007
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