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Don't you ever think the third world or later-developing areas have it better off than the pioneers?  Like when you hear about all those African villages who have complete cell phone networks and they just totally passed over the landline system because this was easier, cheaper, and better?  While us poor slobs in the US are still fielding telemarketers from SBC, MCI, and whoever else?  Or here in eastern europe, all the pay phones are credit card or prepaid phone card only...which is annoying, but genius.  Especially if everyone's going to have a cell phone anyways - payphones are nearly obsolete in the US and since we're walking around charging packs of gum and McDonald Happy Meals to our Visas, I'm sure people would love to charge a 50 cent phone call too.

Areas developing later skip ahead to other good stuff too - apparently the paying with cell phone trend has caught on in Spain and elsewhere in Europe.  It's not just a Japanese-Sony-instigated-rumor.  I'm betting 25 years from now we still won't be able to use our Nokias to pay at Walgreens.  Or the plans to give laptops to children in underprivilaged areas while most American kids are still using desktops...or at least remember them.  And metro systems in eastern countries that you think would be crap are faster, cleaner, and much better designed than most public transportation in the states, London, or Paris.  And they cost much less.  I think letting everyone else experiment and make the mistakes really does work out in your favor sometimes.

In other news, I guess I no longer have to worry about missing the first Cal Rose Bowl in over 50 years while I'm travelling.  And the A's are moving to Fremont and John York wants to move the 49ers to Santa Clara?  What?  Was there a second internet boom no one told me about?  Or did the new Four Seasons EPA promise free room and board to all athletes since no one's staying there anyways?

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