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So my mom and I have hired this driver to take us around Rajasthan for a few weeks (I can't imagine what this service would go for in the Bay Area).  And while the driver is really nice and plays Top 40 on the radio and the car is all new and air-conditioned and all, it has NO SEATBELTS.  This would already bother me driving around Napa.  Driving around the highways of India sans seatbelts when there are dogs, monkeys, cows, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, camels, and elephants on the road is a whole new level of "ride of death."  Okay, there aren't actually elephants on the highway, but every other animal was there.  And we DID see elephants today. 

Speaking of the animals, why do camels naturally look like they are grinning stupidly at you all the time?  Don't they know they're being used for physical labor because they're stronger and dumber than cows and horses?  Stop smiling so goofily!  Yes, some of you may be thinking that goofy smiles have never bothered me before, but that's when they are not on spitting animals.  Okay, not exactly true, but not on four-legged furry ones.

Jaipur really is beautiful though.  And in the old city walls, it's actually pink too!  We visited two old palaces today that were so pretty and maze-like you could wander around for hours.  And now that we've left the city, I see greenery and mountains and things too!  Good times, my friends.
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photo by: oxangu2