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So the festivus of New Year's in London was pretty much a night of us being completely unorganized and trolling the city looking for food.  Not much different from any other night, you might be thinking, but you would be wrong.  Because it was loads of fun, we ate at this restaurant called The Rock Garden (that still cracks me up two days later), there was lots of food and champagne, and then we left with 15 minutes to get to the fireworks.  Which we of course did not manage to do, but we got to a crack between two high rises where you could see smoke from the fireworks, so it was practically the same thing.  And good times were had by all.

Until the nearly three hour trek home that should have taken 20 minutes in the pouring rain surrounded by brawling teenagers.  That part, not so hot.  Especially for the sickness.  But I chose to block that out.

For the past few years, I have made monthly resolutions because I think it's easier to keep something for 30 days and it usually becomes habit by then.  Plus, if it fails, instead of forgetting about bettering myself, I get another shot in a week or two.  But, now that I'm being all lazy, I have decided my resolution for the year will be to learn a new language.  And I don't mean Fringlish.

In other news, I have decided to come home early!  I'm having a lot of fun and everything is going well, but I realized I do miss home!  I miss sitting on the couch in my sweats.  I miss burritos.  I miss sitting around in the parks of San Francisco.  And I miss the people of course.  Not just the Bush Man either.  I will be back in San Francisco on Feb 12.  So if anyone wants a burrito or Out the Door for lunch that day, send me an email.

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photo by: ulysses