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I thought the whole driving-on-the-left phenomenon would have little effect on me, seeing has how I don't even drive in San Francisco, much less here.  But it's not just the driving - people walk on the left too!  And it makes the little dance when you're heading towards someone on the street twice as awkward because there's even more shifting.  I had trouble during my run this morning.

It also takes me about ten times as long to cross the street as it does in the states.  I know you must be thinking that I've only walked two blocks today.  But first I look right and then left, and then look down at the ground where handy reminders are printed for tourists such as myself.  Then I look left and right.  And maybe 15 minutes after that, I get to the other side of the street.  The lights help, but not nearly as much as those handy painted street reminders.

Top things I learned about pub culture tonight:

- You can order half pints.  Except bartenders are offended if you do so unless you're a woman, and when men order them, they are immediately decanted into a pint glass to make it look more macho.

- The popped collar is just as ubiquitous in London as it is in SF's financial district.  In fact, more so, because people downtown don't pop their collars.  But it is certainly as ubiquitous as the marina.

- Analysts are the same in every country.  And all post-work discussion is the same, regardless of nationality or occupation.  No wonder 'The Office' crossed over so successfully.

glennisnz says:
Goodness only knows what a popped collar is? A collar and tie do you mean? Maybe open at the neck?
Posted on: Feb 05, 2008
Eric says:
I need to start a group -- "Down with popped collars!"
Posted on: Sep 08, 2006
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