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Today we visited Agra to see 'the most extravagant monument ever built in the name of love.'  I personally think it was also built in the name of one-upping previous Mughal emperors, but what do I know of 17th century Indian royal psychology?  All cynicism aside, it is pretty stunning though.  It's one of those places that actually looks just like it does in all the photos!  And possibly even better!  It really is beautiful and there are all these big gardens and reflecting pools surrounding it and despite the hoards of tourists it really does seem like one of the seven wonders of the world (which it is, is it not?).

We sadly leave our driver behind today and start travelling in real India.  Real India being where people take the bus.  And probably where there are even more cows.  hahaha.  But that's okay.  Luckily we also passed by a travel agency so I booked a flight to Goa, where I will spend a week after my mom leaves me.  I hope I will have gotten over my mosquito paranoia by then because I suspect they will be far more prevalant on the beach than they have been in the desert.  Currently, we shut all the doors and windows and do a thorough bug check.  I just got bitten today for the first time and spent the entire day asking my mom if she thought I looked feverish.  And she did not tell me to shut up.  Now that is real love.

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photo by: rotorhead85