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This actually may just be rants.  But I'm assuming I will think of something positive by the time I'm done rambling.

My flight out of Prague today was on an airline called SmartWings that I have never heard of.  Which is fine, I certainly don't know all the airlines in the world.  But this company is so new and tiny that they don't even have their own paper for tickets.  My boarding pass read 'Prague Airport'.  Nor did they have their own planes.  Not really confidence inspiring when these people have taken your money and are now charged with transporting you miles above the ground at rapid speeds.

I am really crabby today.  I met all these random people at the airport before I even got to central Rome - a girl from Orange County also travelling alone, a Bulgarian/Italian couple who wanted to  take me home and introduce me to their children, and two guys from Spain who had English skills similar to my Spanish ones.  In that we all spoke our mother tongues to each other and we could understand but weren't quite good enough to respond.  Pretty awesome, actually.  Except I was feeling like I should appreciate the wonders of solo travel and how friendly people are, when in reality I was listening to that girl talk about how she doesn't think she can live in America anymore and how she feels like a stranger in her home and I just wanted to say, "Girl, you live in the OC.  You spent a year doing JET with 5 of your friends from El-Co.  Stop posing and go back to Valencia."  But I restrained myself and smiled and nodded instead.  hahaha.

I also know I'm crabby because when I arrived in Rome and found it all bright and sunny instead of raining like they predicted, all I could think was how I was going to be sweaty and gross.  And I was supposed to meet up with some people I met but I an really tired and just want to sleep even though it's not even dinnertime.  haha.  I am crabby.

Oh, but there IS a rave for today after all.  A girl I met at the hostel told me she had been stalking TomKat's hotel room and saw them leaving today.  Yes, meeting strange people while travelling does not only mean strange men.  But she also told me that Rachel Bilson of OC fame is filming a movie at the Colosseum with Haydn whats-his-face-darth-vadar.  So tomorrow's agenda will be:

8am - cappucino

9am - colosseum

12noon - espresso in front of colosseum

9pm - dinner, gelato, espresso

vivo says:
that sounds like a GREAT schedule to me! :) lol you're at a very historic place right now, not just because of the whole roman empire thing but ALSO because you're there to witness the frenzy that is the TomKat wedding :P who would have thunk it? (lol i love the word "thunk")
Posted on: Nov 17, 2006
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