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Je suis a Paris avec ma cousine Karen.  It's trés fun.  We speak Fringlish.  We're practically fluent.  It's trés bien, even if it is hella froid here.  When we walk in the jardins, there are puddles of ICE!  At 11 AM!  It's madness, I tell you.

Highlights of Paris thus far:

- The Chinese-speaking tour guide at the Louvre.  Who was a tall French man and spoke with NO ACCENT whatsoever!  His Chinese was better than mine!  Because, while I also have no accent, I lack the vocabulary to discuss David and neoclassicalism.  That was the best part of the whole museum.  Because, sadly, there were not really dead bodies laid out in front of the Mona Lisa.

- German MTV.  Oh mein Gott.  It is so funny.  I have never watched Pimpst Mein Auto on American MTV, but it's pretty awesome in German.  Also possibly the dumbest show in the world, but when it's brought to us auf MTV mit Xzibit, we let that slide.

- The dinner of THREE soufflés.  This has not actually happened yet; but we estimate it will take place at approximately 20.00 hours tonight.  And also expect it to be trés incroyable (the Fringlish, it's fun, everyone can play!)

- What has already happened was yesterday's meal in which both a ginormous pocket of seafoody goodness was consumed and a serving of Thumper; friend of Bambi.  This was the first time either of us had eaten the rabbit, and it is good!  It is tender!  It comes in a cute little clay pot! 

All these highlights have almost made me forget the lowlight that was the day I left Lyon and proceeded to have what I think of as 'Rohit's Worst Morning Ever.'  Because I lost one of my socks doing laundry and was assulted by three homeless men at the metro who took my ticket from me.  Bad things for all, but especially for someone who has made it his life mission never to lose a sock and also to rid public transportation of all unsavory characters.  I will now sign your petition.

But yes, good times are being had in the city of lights.  Chocolat is being consumed.  Musee are being visited.  Le shopping is trés fun.  And, of course, we are learning French.

VegasBrittney says:
tres fantastique!
Posted on: Dec 21, 2006
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