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I stopped in Milan on my way to France and it has been radically different from the sleepy coastal towns of Cinque Terre.  I stepped out of the train stations and everyone was running around and there were McDonalds and cell phones and I was like, what is going on here?

Also, I came to Milan at the worst time possible.  Not because of weather or anything like that, but because I arrived yesterday at 7PM and the Metro workers went on strike at 6PM.  And tomorrow the rail workers are going on strike.  Hence my decision to leave for France tomorrow morning instead of Monday.  But you know what's crazy about all this striking?  They only strike for a day or two...there is no holding the line until demands are met.  More of a 'see, you do need us' demonstration, people in charge acquiesce, and then everything's good again.  Somehow, I don't see that happening in the US.

I've discovered there is much to be said for the EU creating one European community.  I spent last night playing a German board game about a French town with three Italians.  While speaking English.  Although only one guy knew German and the rest of us suspect he was fudging some rules because he 'happened' to win by accquiring territories we didn't even know about.  But those Germans do make some good board games.

Well, there was some Italian spoken - they taught me 'chi', which is used the way we use the word 'like'.  And there is a magazine with the same name.  That is, like, so awesome.

One thing I will truly miss about Italy is this amazing pizza.  I spent much of the last six years making fun of all those vegans who wanted to do right by the cows but have their cheeseless pizza too.  For those of you who didn't have the privilage of going to college with such 'aware' people, cheeseless pizza is disgusting.  And weird.  And just unnatural.  However, they have this pizza here that's basically thin focaccia with tons of veggies piled on and lots of salt and it is technically a cheeseless pizza.  Except, it is the best thing in the world and I'm completely addicted to it.  There have been nights where I pass up some amazing platters of pasta and seafood and slabs of meat just for more of the salty goodness.  Those Italians are geniuses too.

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