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Except today, children, we will be visiting the town of Lucca.  And there is no second floor.  Only a super awesome medieval wall surrounding the city that was filled in by Princess Elisa Bacciocchi to create a city park circling the city.  Well done, princess.  Well done.

Lucca is about 90 minutes from Florence and the cutest town ever!  I realize I say this at least every other week, but it's true every time.  Everyone's just so happy there!  It's like Disneyland...but with everyone speaking Italian and no cartoon characters.  The same child-adult ratio applies though.  And the city walls really are awesome.  First of all, it's a solid ring, nothing like the remains of the Berlin Wall.  And it's full of medieval tidbits like tunnels, ramps, turrets, and all sorts of fun stuff.  You can just walk along the wall and if you see anything of interest below, descend to explore.  Like Disneyland's monorail, except you have to walk.  And it's apparently the place to promenade on weekend mornings because everyone was greeting friends like it was homecoming weekend.  There were joggers, people biking, and playgrounds scattered along the way to keep kids entertained.  Excellent wall. 

Lucca pretty much has no tourist attractions other than the wall, but there is plenty to keep you entertained.  Such as watching children chase birds, for example.  Do all kids love that?  I know I did.  And apparently the Italian babies love it more than gelato, because I saw a mom juggling three cones in one hand and a baby in the other so her other three kids could all chase the birds in the piazza unencumbered.  That's real maternal love right there. 

You could also visit Puccini's house and other things related to the maestro since it is his birthplace.  Or you can do as I did and entertain yourself by waiting in line with the masses at the best bakery in town.  I generally follow the crowds while in strange territory, and that goes double for food.  So when I nearly tripped over the group of families, grandpas, and kids jumpinging up and down, I knew there must be some carby-goodness behind those glass doors.  And while I do trust the masses to circle around the good stuff, I think there's also a deeper sense of satisfaction once you've waited for something.  It's like the restaurant in Florence I like to eat at because the food is delicious, but once you leave and the crowds standing outside in the cold waiting for a table lock their eyes on you in hunger and envy, it suddenly becomes ten times more satisfying.  Because it's more than just a meal, it's a real acheivement.

So, Lucca - big wall, no tourists, happy babies.  Good times.

iloveleelee says:
A "real achievement" is getting your bill rounded down instead of up. Fantastic.
Posted on: Nov 30, 2006
VegasBrittney says:
Brilliant Suzanne Vega reference. The town sounds serene!
Posted on: Nov 27, 2006
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