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My last day in India and I would like to announce that my greatest accomplishment was travelling an entire month without using a squatty potty.  Yes, I have the greatest bladder control in the world.  I think I should add that to my resume under 'Skills'.

Republic Day, one of the big national holidays, was on Jan 26 and there are more parades and festivities today, but since I saw 'parade rehearsals' last time I was here, I am too lazy to go.  Instead I sat around this cafe today that is apparently the Korean tourist hot spot because it's packed from 7am-2am and when I went there today for breakfast it was maybe 50 Koreans, a Brit from Liverpool, a couple from Australia, and me.  So the four of us got a table together and discussed the motherland.  hahaha.  Actually, we discussed various bargain price medical treatments available to us in India and I learned from the Aussies that you can buy the exact same antimalarials I'm using at any pharmacy here and a) they cost $.02 each and b) they add a special coating so there are no side effects!  I've been nauseous every night for a month and on the day I leave the malaria high-risk area, he tells me this?  Thanks, man.

A random thing I have noticed:
You know how when Americans give directions, we usually talk about distance in terms of time?  Like, my parents live an hour north of San Francisco, Safeway is five minutes away, to go to Pier 39 from Union Square you go down Market for 15 minutes, turn left, and walk along the waterfront for another 15. 

But in India, and everywhere else, they talk about actual distance.  Which I find fascinating.  Cities are 40km away.  Hotels are 200m down the street. 

Do we not talk about measurements because we don't use the metric system and you sound stupid when you say something is 50 yards away (as opposed to 50 yards downfield, which makes you sound cool.  or even lamer)?  Or because we're simply too lazy to think about what the distance actually is?

I have to say, I'm sad to be leaving India.  When I first came, the adjustment took so long I didn't know how I liked it, but it's a lot of fun, the people are truly nice and sincere and friendly, the food is amazing, and you can wake up with $4 in your wallet and know that's enough to pay for 3 full meals and a cab to the airport.  Yes, we will be returning to the India.  With a giant can of mosquito repellant.
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New Delhi
photo by: spocklogic