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You know how they always talk about California being the 5th or 6th largest economy in the world and you wonder how that can be?  That can be when the second largest city in a country comprises of 200,000 people and a lot of sheep.  I can't get over how tiny everything is here.  In Norway, not only is 200,000 people a huge city, the boonies have a population of like, 13 people.  I've been in a few places where I could actually visit all 6 houses and count. 

Speaking of the sheep, the big delicacy in the area is boiled and salted sheep heads.  While I do generally believe in doing as the Romans do, when the Romans are eating sheep heads and lutefisk, I prefer to do as Americans do and start digging for my secret stash of peanut butter.

It's fun though.  Bergen is the city of seven fjords and seven mountains, three of which I climbed.  All the outdoorsiness means you can walk for 15 minutes from the city center and be in the middle of a forest.  And while, as Anna Frankel asks, it is still ''hella cold'', you don't feel it as much when you're walking briskly uphill.  There have been points in the hiking where I only needed three layers.  Still need at least four or five coming downhill though.  And it's so amazing to be on top of a mountain and see the city looking so tiny at your feet.  A good time to contemplate your place in life.  Or, in my case, think ''I am so awesome'' and ''wow, that would be SUCH a good Christmas tree.''

travelman727 says:
I love lamb, but I think I'd also pass on sheep heads (peanut butter is sounding sweeter every moment)
Posted on: Oct 19, 2006
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