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Being in London isn't exactly like returning to the motherland, but close enough.  Especially since I saw The James yesterday, complete with NH5D 2K6 tshirt.  What better reminder of home could there be?  I feel like I should be cramming in more touristy things while I'm here, but I really just want to do all my errands while I am in this most convinient of places.  Laundry, eating of vegetables, mailing things, shopping for more cold weather clothing...after all, how can a repeat visit to the Tower of London possibly compare to the thrill of having a bag full of freshly laundered clothing??

Although I'm abroad, I do try to keep updated on my current events.  Which doesn't just include catching up on ACT gossip, but reading actual journals as well.  Okay, it mostly consists of surfing, but still.  It's enough to let me know about Tan Nguyen, aka worst congressional candidate ever.  Not just because of all the hubbub surrounding the alleged letter warning undocumented immgrants against voting.  That's bad enough in itself.  Especially because his defense consists of, ''Well, it was sent by my employee, but I didn't know!  And I don't speak Spanish!''  The amount of confidence and goodwill this must inspire in a district that is 65% Hispanic is unimaginable.  But really, I don't know where he thought he was going with this campaign anyways - an Asian male Republican trying to unseat the popular, national-recognized, Hispanic, female, Democratic incumbent.  He was lucky enough to win his primary, especially considering the fact that he switched over to the dark side only after failing to be nominated in the Democratic primaries in 2004.  I'm all for ambition and optimism, but he and the Arnold could start their own 12-step program on Taking the American Dream too far.  Maybe they can serve those Krispy Kreme donut milkshakes at the meetings.

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photo by: ulysses