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At the airport getting ready to come home, and you know who I'm really missing right now?  I mean, the one person I have been thinking about all day with great affection and fondness?

This crazy woman who works at Madeleines, a cafe near my old office, and she used to scare me but one day I asked if she could "only fill my latte up to the little line on the cup because I don't want too much milk" and she not only didn't think I was annoying, but started doing it every time I went in.  Probably because she is crazy and neurotic and possibly on some kind of drugs that make her really scary, but today I miss her and her not-too-milky-highly-caffeinated-iced-lattes.

Oh, but really excited to see family and friends and whatnot also.  And insightful and emotive postings on how much this trip meant to me and how I found myself and all that jazz to come later.  When I have something in my body besides chocolate and coffee. 

Also, did you know when you enter Singapore, they give you a 'receipt' of your immigration card that you're supposed to keep in your passport and not throw away with your boarding pass, candy wrappers, and other bits and pieces collecting in the bottom of your purse?  And that if you don't present said receipt upon leaving the country, they are unpleased??  And then send you to the immigration office to fill out forms for 20 minutes and additional screening before being allowed to enter???  Yes, I did not know this either.

wanderlass says:
Same for foreigners entering US - the thing stapled in ur passport, needed again when u exit, not the candy wrapper bit cuz they din ask for mine when I came home. =)

If you don't already know, as tourist you get rebates on ur shopping. U can do that at some booth near shopping places or at the airport when u exit. I forgot what they're called.

Great adventure you have!
Posted on: Feb 11, 2007
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photo by: easyjobrob