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Every guide book or tourist booklet I have read about Avignon references its 'bridge made famous by the childrens' song'.  I realize we are talking about a French childrens' song, but is it really so famous?  I have never heard this song.  I feel that I am missing out on a pop culture reference. 

But regardless, I have decided there is something irresistably cute about walled cities.  It's like the serve the additional purpose of not only keeping enemy forces out, but keeping everything adorable in, what with all the happy men selling chestnuts and singing toddlers walking in rows of two.  And the candied nuts man at the Chirstmas market taught me how to say the names of various nuts in French, so I'm sure that will prove to be useful some day.  Everyone here is unencumbered by such things as trying to be PC, so when I talk about 'the holidays', I think I just end up confusing people who think I want to go on vacation with them since I clearly can't be talking about Christmas.  This is another thing I'm going to have to adopt, like talking about how my time at university and how things are massive.  Maybe if I meet some more Canadians, we can discuss how wicked cold it is here and how the quality of life could drastically improve if there was such a thing as takeaway hot beverages to warm your hands and tummies whilst crossing aforementioned famous bridges.

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photo by: LensTravels