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Budapest is ever so slightly warmer than Kosice.  Which is good, because on my last day there, I lost my beanie.  I think I left it at a cafe, but when I returned, I realized the downfall of visiting the "exciting authentically Slovakian town" is that no one speaks English, so I just stood around patting my head and making a sad face while the employees all looked at me like I was crazy.  And I didn't get my hat back.

On the train here, I met a girl from Sweden who wants to study in America for a year.  When I asked her where she wanted to go, she said Georgia, or somewhere in the south, because that will be more uniquely American than California or New York.  Once we got off the train and split up, I laughed for about twenty minutes. 

Budapest is pretty fun - it actually used to be two cities, Buda and Pest, seperated by the Danube.  And now connected by several bridges.  It's just like being at UM Twin Cities, except a lot prettier and no forced crossings at 7AM for 500-person meetings run by parlimentary procedure.  Definitely more fun.

Nino has been introduced to travelling Audrey-style, in which one walks around all morning and visits a big touristy area and then finds a cafe to sit around and people-watch at until dinner.  Which we had the most amazing restaurant in the world for dinner.  The menu had a warning which said, " our portions are huger than normal.  dear ladies and children, please order the 75% portion for a lesser price."  Which we scorned and ignored until our food came and it was truly massive.  And you all know it takes a lot for me to say that.  Pictures to come, but suffice to say that my "bowl" of soup was a cauldron full of TWO LITERS of broth, vegetables, and what felt like an entire baby cow.  Also, there were buckets of peanuts on the floor, you threw shells on the ground already covered in hay, and there was a mix of banjo music and Mya.  Good times with the goulashes, my friends.

vivo says:
is nino with you??? tell her i said hi :) how long is she staying? where are you guys going?
Posted on: Nov 08, 2006
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photo by: Chokk