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During my layover in Bahrain, I was talking to this man who said if Chinese people drove like Americans, it would consume the entire planet's fuel supply.  I think it is quite possible that the population of India is going to go for that record instead.  It is madness here.  Not only are there cars all over the road, there are more varieties of rickshaws and taxis than McDonald's used to have of chicken nugget dipping sauces (don't you miss that?  do they still do that?).  Speaking of the rickshaw, as a foreigner, you have to be indignant when a driver charges you something like 200 rupees for a 50 rupee cab ride.  But then you also have to stop and think that their idea of exhorbant overcharging means $4USD for a thirty minute drive.  Talk about perspective.  Also, the people here must find it fascinating that people come over here saying they're backpackers and budget travellers and easily spend more on food and lodging in a day than most people make in a week.

Today we went to Akshar Dahm, which is kind of like the religious Disneyland of India.  They even have a musical light show, just like Fantasmic.  You know, without Mickey on the mountain.  But it's super cool and ginormous and even educational!  There's a statue garden about the men, women, and children of India, an exhibit about elephants, and an inspirational garden.  All good times.  For those of you who are going to be in Delhi in the near future, I would highly recommend it.  No giant pickles or churros, but still much fun to be had.  Some of our friends even said it was better than the Taj Mahal.

I've been noticing that all the hospitals here are really specialized.  There's an infertility hospital and a spinal injuries hospital...but I have yet to see a regular old Delhi General.  Where do people like me go when we don't know what's wrong but we just don't feel good?  Where's the hospital for big fat babies who need fluids and rest?

Tomorrow, off to travel Rajasthan for a few weeks...I wonder if it will be like when you leave LA county and discover the sky can be blue?
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New Delhi
photo by: spocklogic