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Although the official language (I think) is English, pretty much everyone here speaks the local dialect.  So you never really know what people are saying, especially when the conversation is between hotel manager and driver who brought you there.  But that's okay, because my mom and I just talk in Chinese when we need to have secret conversations before handing over the cash.  It's so handy.  This is the real reason everyone needs a second language - so you can talk about other people in front of them.  While saying bad things.

Yesterday, we were having dinner and my mom is still wary of spicy food so she asked what was in this chicken dish.  And the waiter said, "there's chicken....and there are bones."  Hahaha.

Jodhpur is pretty fun.  And the city is actually where the riding pants of the same name were created!  For polo players!  Who knew?  Well, maybe a lot of people, but certainly not me.  Today we visited the royal palace, where the current maharajah still lives, but they have also turned two-thirds of the building into a luxury hotel.  That is awesome.  I can just imagine people lining up to spend the night at the White House Resort.  I wonder if the royal family uses the hotel swimming pool or if they had a seperate one built?

secretaryofsoul says:
i'm home! i'm so glad you're getting to see all the parts of India i didn't. don't forget to have some clothes made if you can!
Posted on: Jan 12, 2007
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