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Stockholm is SO beautiful!  It is possibly the most beautiful city I have ever seen in my life.  I think it must be all the water...I've decided that in general, no city can be that beautiful if it's landlocked.  If Fresno had lakes, rivers, and the Baltic Sea like Stockholm, they would be calling it Fres-YES.

It's also a great city because it's small enough to walk everywhere.  Except that some of the islands only have entrances on one side, which means that you sometimes have to walk in a giant circle just to get somewhere 50 meters away.  Unless you have a boat.  Which I, sadly, do not.  At least all this movement keeps my feet from freezing to the ground.

Today I was at this park that's a miniature Sweden, and I saw reindeer!  And wolverines!  There were other Scandinavian animals, but those were the only two that did not disgust me.  Well, the brown bears didn't really either.  But reindeer!  The best part was that a few steps away from the animal area, there was a Sami restaurant that served reindeer meat.  It was like when you drive through the cow mile on I-5 and then stop at In-n-Out right afterwards.

I visited the Nobel Prize museum and saw where they have the banquet and awards and everything.  Following are random trivia facts that I find fascinating but you all can ignore:

- When the architect designed the room where the banquet is held, he knew there would be lots of events there with a lot of people walking the stairs so he made five model staircases and had his wife don an evening gown and heels and test them out for one week.  She divorced him a month after the building was complete.

- The Nobel Peace Prize is the only one awarded by Norwegian judges.  Rumor has it Alfred Nobel considered Norway a more peaceful country than his native Sweden.

- The Nobel Prize for literature goes not to the person with the best book, but to an author who has ''the most outstanding work of an idealistic tendency.''  Isn't that interesting?  I enjoy this fact.  And the idealism.

- Not a trivia fact, but it is so so cool to see interviews of this year's Nobel Prize winners and think, hmmm, I have been in that lecture hall...I have done the time warp on that very lab table from which he preaches!

In other news, the Australian-on-crack continued to ramble on for hours without pause last night.  I tried to ditch him twice, without success.  I left him at a table, went to another room and talked to some German students I met for two hours.  Then I was passing through the original room, and he was still sitting there and RESUMED TALKING like two hours had not just passed!  I tried to tell myself he was lonely, but then I remembered I had used up all my sympathy during our first conversation.  Some people should not travel alone.  Or, for that matter, go out in public unattended.

aichuwu says:
YES! I agree with you about Fres-YES (So funny!) This summer, we saw beautiful hills in GuiZhou just like the ones in Guilin (one of the most admired scenic places in China), but they don't have the same fame due to their lack of rivers and lakes nearby.
Posted on: Oct 12, 2006
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