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I am moving to Belgium.  Seriously, I think I have found my people and I'm not budging.  Well, I'm going to Bruges tomorrow, but maybe they'll still be my people.  The top reasons why Bruxelles is awesome:

- You can walk the length of the city center in 15 min.  At a comfortable 3.5 MPH, not even 4.0.

- People are SO friendly!  And they are real Belgians - I have talked to tons and practiced my non-exixstant French and they are born and bred here and love it.

- Today I have had the opportunity to use my Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Armenian language skills.  Yes, Jessamine, I sang the Armenian song and counted to ten.  FYI, the audience was greatly impressed.

- I haved scored the following free items (TODAY - there was more but I don't want you all to hate me): coffee, half a dozen truffles, and a bottle of champagne.

- I have eaten non-stop for the past 72 hours.  Well, I have slept; but during my waking hours, I have been chewing.  If I don't come back to the states, it might not be that I moved here but that I fell into a diabetic coma.  Please check if you do not receive word shortly.

So yes, the Bruxelles is good.  Even the French-speaking hasnùt been too bad.  I get a new word from, everyone I meet, so it will add up to a complete sentance eventually.  And if you smile big enough, all you really need to know is bonjour, bonsoir, and merci.  The only downside has been memory card issues - my uploading was cut short the other day and today I lost dozens of pictures, including two meals.  How sad.

glennisnz says:
You are obviously a traveller not a tourist, hardly anyone seems to take the time to learn a few words of a countries language, but its easy and it makes such a difference to the time you have.
Posted on: Feb 05, 2008
oddrey says:
oh, if only I had known that earlier! but i will study up for my next trip:o)
Posted on: Nov 27, 2007
Sylvie1 says:
Haha. Thank you for that nice review. I'm from Belgium, Antwerp and speak flamish. Since you have learned 'goodday, goodnight and thank you' in french, I will teach it to you in dutch. 'goedendag, goedenavond en dank u'.
Big kiss
Posted on: Nov 26, 2007
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