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Today marks the end of the first month of my adventure!  For some reason it feels like a lot longer than that.  To commemorate this date, and since I so rarely blog about what I'm actually doing, here are some top things I have seen and done so far*

5 Best Museums
1. Tate Modern, London
2. Jewish Museum, Berlin
3. Musee Royaux des Beaux Arts, Brussels
4. Hamburger Bahnof, Berlin
5. Haus am Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

5 Best Places to Sit Around Doing Nothing
1. Trafalger Square, London
2. Grand Place, Brussels
3. Markt Square, Bruges
4. Koningstrasse, Stuttgart
5.  Rhine River, Germany

5 Best Things I Have Eaten
1. Frites from Maison Antoine, Brussels
2. Waffles from J. Danderoy, Brussels (stop #5 on the waffle tour)
3. Bread in Germany
4. Dinner of five meats, Munich
5. Food for Thought, London (because it was the most vegetables I have had at once this month)

5 Best Cities to Run in
1. London
2. Berlin
3. Copenhagen
4. Bruges
5. Munich

5 Best Things I Have Done
Please see '5 Best Things I Have Eaten'
*subject to change

As today is the end of my first month travelling, I was thinking about this girl I met who asked me if I ever got lonely.  And the truth is, I'm not at all.  Mostly because I'm always meeting new people and hardly ever actually alone.  But also because I like to be alone, and once the new friends leave, I don't feel sad, I think "I'm FREEEE!"  Just because I'm not lonely, doesn't mean I don't miss my friends and family though!  Because I do.  So clearly, you all are far more fun than anyone I have met thus far, and I think of you all the time.

I am in Copenhagen and currently wearing 5 layers on top and two pairs of pants.  I have also just learned that the pastry we fondly refer to as a Danish is called wienerbrød, which translates to 'bread from Vienna' because the pastry actually originated in Austria!!!  I am appalled.  This must be how little kids feel when they find out Santa Claus is really their parents.
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photo by: the_bill