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Current temperature: 4 degrees, C.
Feels like: -1 degrees, C.

Tomorrow's high: 4 degrees
Tomorrow's low: -3 degrees

Ohmygoodness, what am I DOING here?  I already wore all of my layers back when it was 10 degrees.  Tomorrow's agenda: shopping for boots, jackets, and a ski mask.  Maybe a collection of ski masks. 

Krakow is still fun though.  I'm glad I came here because it's as beautiful as they say.  However, I am clearly not the only one who had Polish friends saying, Skip Warsaw!  Skip all the other cities!  Go straight to Krakow!  Apparently all the English and Americans got the same memo and even in the unbelievable weather, the place is flooded with toursists.  But it somehow manages to still be fun and unique and not cheesy.

There is however, a lot of actual cheese.  Cheese dumplings, cheese on toast, cheesecake...the streets of Poland are paved with cheese.  But I am sad to report, there are still cats ($5 reference!). 

Today I visited these famous salt mines, which are the most touristy-Disneyland-esque thing I have done thus far.  But being the nerd I am, I was unable to resist something on the UNESCO world heritage top 12 list.  And what if this is in that stupid '1000 things to see before you die' book and I missed my chance to check another thing off the list?  While it was hokey, it was also educational.  For one thing - the salt is all grey!  Who knew?  Sculptures and carvings everywhere and I wouldn't have known it was salt if that wasn't the reason we were all there.  I was thinking it would all be reminiscent of Lot's wife fleeing Sodom, but not so much.  Yes, I know my Biblical stories.  I do the crossword.

This excursion also clarified another great mystery - that of the salt bagel.  Krakow is allegedly the birthplace of the bagel, but in the original form it's more like those big pretzels you buy at the mall or at a state fair.  They sell them everywhere here for about 30 cents.  And while salt bagels always seemed like a strange phenomenon to me, all of a sudden it makes sense.  It's just like a pretzel - of COURSE there's salt on your bagel.  Travel is such an educational and enriching experience.
oddrey says:
hahaha...omg, you are SO good. Karen will be devastated that you beat her to it.
Posted on: Oct 30, 2006
lylpookie says:
An American Tail!

Posted on: Oct 29, 2006
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