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Don't worry, this will not be gross.  Because I realized I do not have to fear Delhi Belly so much as I have to fear extreme nausea and stomach pain from my malaria pills.  Do I really have to keep taking these things?  I'm not going to get malaria!  And even if I do, I won't die.  That reminds me, do people die from rabies or do they just get really sick and foam at the mouth?  Does the foaming directly preceed the dying?  Or is it an instead of deal?  Because there are stray dogs EVERYWHERE here.  I thought Rohit was exaggerating to intimidate me, but he doesn't lie.  There are even cows and other assorted wildlife wandering the streets!  And I actually can't remember if I did the rabies shot in my buffet of injections prior to departure.  I hope so.  Although it is highly possible I said to myself, psh, like any animal is going to get close enough to give me rabies.

India actually reminds me of China in some ways.  In that there are squatty potties, lots of cars and rickshaws and people, the housing is similar, and everything is super cheap.  So definitely a cultural adjustment from London, but a fun one so far.  And my MOMMY is with me.  Which is awesome.  And Reeta's grandma, which is also awesome, because sometimes when I am crossing the street I feel the need to be holding someone's hand in case I die.

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New Delhi
photo by: spocklogic