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Being in California and San Francisco in particular, it's easy to have your every food whim indulged.  I don't think I'm a picky eater in that I am perfectly content to eat almost anything.  However, I am pretty picky about the actual presentation/type of food being consumed.  Travelling has forced some flexibility in the eating habits though.

Five things I normally refuse to eat that I have managed to consume without dying:

- Iceberg lettuce
- Milk chocolate
- Non-Earl Grey/Awake tea
- White bread
- Flavored yogurt

Issues aside, Kosice is an amazing city.  I had been planning to go to Bratislava, but changed my plan on a whim after meeting a guy who had been to both and said this city was much more Slovakian and more convenient on my route to Budapest.  And more Slovakian it is - if I didn't know better, I would think I was in a different time period, not just a new country.  The center of town is full of all these old beautiful buildings and there really are big fur coats and funny hats and the cutest little kids.  Also, I have met exactly one person who spoke English to me, including hotel staff and waiters.  Good thing I have simple needs that can be conveyed with hand signals and mumbling my own language blend of Russian and Polish in hopes that it will pass for bad Slovakian.

The guy who said I should come here also enthused about how Slovakia is even cheaper than Poland.  This is true.  I made a drugstore trip today and purchased the following items for $5:

- Chapstick
- Gum
- Bottled water
- Toothbrush
- Floss

Also, three things you can buy at a cafe with $1:
- double espresso and eclair
- four scoops of gelato
- a quarter of a cake or pie

Even better than all the architecture and pastries, is the fact that it SNOWED yesterday!!  I walked outside and little white flakes were falling everywhere!  I had a moment of panic, like when you're in an emergency situation and don't know what to do - run back inside for shelter?  wrap plastic bags around your shoes?  call the police? but then I realized everyone else was just walking around like this wasn't a freakish turn of events, so I followed and realized that walking in falling snow is actually pretty awesome.  Ten times better than rain!  Sure, it's cold, but it isn't really wet.  And it's super light and pretty and just about the coolest thing ever.  Literally, since it below zero.  Unfortunately, the snow hasn't made an encore cameo, but I have high hopes for Budapest.
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photo by: Cho