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I have totally sinned!  I lied to a man of god in his own house.  But it was his own fault.  hahaha.  I was at this big church here (which looks exactly like a dead elephant) and the priest started talking to me in Chinese, and I was like, oh I'm not Chinese.  He went through four guesses before I said, oh, I'm Filipino.  And then he was really embarassed and I felt a little bad, but not really because you know it really irks me when people make assumptions!  Even if they happen to be right!  And I was in one of my moods.  Like when I tell people here I'm not American and I don't speak English.  Or when I don't want to talk to people handing out fliers and petitions at home and I also pretend I don't speak English.  Even if they know I do, what are they going to say?  And sometimes it is annoying.  Like how people always think all Asian tourists are Japanese.  So I actually don't feel bad any more and I'm not confessing so much as saying it's really annoying when people make assumptions. 

What is not annoying and actually really cool is when you are the last person to be seated in a restaurant before they put up a sign saying they're full for the evening.  It's like getting the last parking spot during the holidays at the mall.  Except with food.  Although, I think I have to take a pass on some food now - last night I had a four course dinner and THREE of those courses involved cheese.  I can't take it anymore. 

I went to this museum about Gallo-Roman civilizations and it was really interesting and really well-built.  I think the best part of museums is how the buildings are always really cool.  And this one was built into a hill so you could barely see it from the outside and it spiraled down for five floors covering history in chrological order.  But as I descended down through the decades, all I could really think was a) what happens if there's a fire? and b) I hope there's an elevator at the bottom to bring me back up.  Luckily, there was no fire and there was an elevator.  So, excellent museum.  Two thumbs up for the lack of fire.

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photo by: spocklogic