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The other day, it came up in conversation that our driver is only twenty six.  Twenty six!!!  I thought he was forty.  That desert sun really does your skin in...wear sunscreen, children.  And moisturizer with SPF.  We also discussed how because he is Muslim, his parents will be arranging a marriage for him in two years.  To be completed with him meeting the mother of his bride but not the woman herself.  He thinks this is not only perfectly reasonable, but a great idea.  I say, huh. 

We met a man today who was talking about modern day life in Rajasthan and said, 'You may find this shocking, but even today, women do men's work outside the home, but men do not do women's work.'  Psh, that is not shocking.  That's just like modern day life in the US!!!  So before any men from developed nations start criticizing mysogynistic practices of other cultures, please make sure you are first doing your own laundry, diaper-changing, and cooking.  Best regards, me.

Speaking of marriage practices, we've been visiting a lot of old palaces and most of them have seperate chambers for the multiple wives of the maharajah.  There are even seperate passageways and servants' chambers so the wives never see each other and never know where the maharajah is on any given night, thus eliminating jealousy and infighting.  I happen to think this is a brilliant idea.  They should institute this practice amongst high school teenagers too - imagine the peace it would create in the education system?  After all, wasn't it Madeleine Albright who said anyone who thought the world would be more peaceful if it was run by women obviously never attended high school?  That Maddy...full of pearls of wisdom.

We also visited the City Palace of Udaipur today, which is really beautiful.  But in the exhibits they kept talking about the Marwar empire and I kept thinking....Marwar...wasn't he the lead terrorist from season 4 of 24??  I thought Jack took care of that!!! 

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photo by: s_vivek62