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I went to the zoo in Frankfurt today.  Despite hating animals, I've always been rather fond of the zoo.  I used to think it was because they were all in their cages, but today I was thinking how it's also a thrill.  In the way that other people watch horror films or CSI because they secretly enjoy being disgusted and scared?  That's kind of how I feel about being surrounded by all these animals.  Pleasure in how gross it all is.  Because there are very few animals that I can look at without thinking how distasteful I find them.  People included.  haha...just kidding.

I also like the zoo because it's such a good place to learn!  They're always so education (more so if you can actually read all the signs and displays), and children are always there really getting excited about discovering new things.  You never see that much joy in a real biology class.

I do not, however, enjoy those rooms where animals are loose and roaming about.  You know, it's usually some kind of tropical area with birds flitting about and flying squirrels and those things.  Why do you want to interact with animals?  If you wanted animals flying above you and possible touching you, go on a safari, not to the zoo.  Or just to Union Square.

Frankfurt is apparently the Manhattan of Germany.  In fact, more financial transactions take place here than in New York.  Which means there actually isn't much to see because it's mostly office buildings, but I did see the EU Central Bank.  Sadly, no free samples there either.  It's also a very Americanized city - I can't explain why, but something in the atmosphere and the way people move around and interact with each other makes it not weird at all to here groups of men in suits, grandfathers smoking, and teenage girls all jabbering away in English.  It's also not weird to hear Chamillionaire's "Rollin", which I have now heard in 5 different cities all over Europe.  Every time I do, I have to look around and make sure I'm where I think I am and not on Harrison and 11th.

Speaking of San Francisco, I met a couple yesterday who was from there.  And not only that, they live in an apartment ACROSS THE STREET from where Bonnie and I used to live!!  We were chatting at the train station, and it just came up and they were like, we live at 17th and Church too - are you above the cafe or the laundromat?  hahaha...small world, my friends.

winstonlee says:
I make it a point not to go to any zoo in any foreign city. The reason, a monkey in the Munich zoo is the same as the one in the SF zoo. They look the same, smell the same, behave the same, and talk the same language, body or verbal, which I don't understand. Same to elephhants, giraffes, birds, etc. Make sense, huh?
Posted on: Sep 28, 2006
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